Temple Quarter Engagement Fund

Image of proposed Temple Quarter imposed over birds-eye view of Bristol; image provided by RED

Temple Quarter Engagement Fund

The Temple Quarter Engagement Fund aims to enable staff and students to deliver activities which meet our aspirations to be a global civic university, as exemplified by the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus.

Who is eligible?

All students and staff (academic, Technical and Professional Services) are eligible to apply for funding.

What is it?

The funding is for projects which are aligned with the University's aspiration for Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus to create a global civic university.

This could involve community engaged research, a student project, outreach activity or any other area of work that involves engaging communities in Bristol.

How do I apply?

You can make your application with an online form, which can be reached via the Guidelines page.

The deadline for the next round will be the 13th May 2020. This call will focus on our civic response to COVID-19.

Members of the Temple Quarter Engagement Board will assess the applications.

Guidelines for making an application

Please refer to the guidelines for the scheme for full details of the eligibility criteria and who you can contact for advice about your application via the TQ Engagement fund FAQs (PDF, 100kB).

TQ Engagement Fund

The Temple Quarter Engagement Fund has been made possible thanks to philanthropic donations.


"This funding is a great new opportunity to create opportunities for meaningful engagement with our communities, in a way that fits with our civic aspirations” Kate Miller, Head of Public Engagement

"We have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine the future of our University as one of the world’s great civic universities” Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President..