Bristol Master's Scholarship: terms and conditions

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You need to meet all the essential eligibility criteria in order to apply and receive a Bristol Master's Scholarship. To be eligible you must:

  • have applied to study a full-time master's programme (MA,MSc or MRes) at the University of Bristol that commences in the coming autumn.
  • be studying full-time on a one-year or two-year postgraduate taught programme
  • be eligible for home tuition fees
  • have already achieved (or are predicted) a first-class undergraduate degree

(Note: applicants for PGCE, PG CERT, PG DIP and (MSc) (R) programmes are not eligible for the Bristol Master's Scholarship)

In addition, you must be from a group that is underrepresented in Bristol's taught master's population and so meet one or more of the following widening participation criteria:

  • have asylum seeker/refuges status issued by the UK Home Office
  • have previously been eligible for free school meals
  • have once been a care leaver
  • have completed an undergraduate Widening Participation scheme
  • have a disability
  • be from an ethnic minority background
  • have been out of Higher Education for 3 years or more
  • are the first in the family to go to Higher Education.

You will ultimately need to have been given an unconditional offer to study and met any conditions before the scholarship will be finalised


Each successful Bristol Master's Scholarships awardee will receive £2,000, which is payable in two equal instalments:

  • £1,000 (October 2022)
  • £1,000 (January 2023)

Successful awardees undertaking a two-year full-time programme will only receive the scholarship in the first year of study.

Award distribution

Applicants must meet the essential eligibility criteria to be considered for the scholarships.

To ensure fair distribution of the available funding, scholarships will be awarded using a scoring system based on the widening participation criteria.

When selecting the successful scholarship recipients, other awards students may hold will be considered.

Recipients of the following awards will be eligible for a Bristol Master's Scholarship:

  • a University of Bristol Alumni discount

Recipients of the following awards will not be eligible for a Bristol Master's Scholarship:

  • Access Postgrad scheme
  • Black Bristol fee waivers
  • University of Bristol Sanctuary Scholarship

The University's decision will consider the needs of the entire student body and as such, will be final with no appeal process.

How to apply

If you have already applied to study a full-time master's programme (MA, MSc or MRes) at the University starting in Autumn 2022, you can complete the online application form to apply for the Bristol Master's Scholarship.

Round one

The deadline is midday on 28 February 2022.

In this round:

  • only applicants who can prove that they have a first class honours undergraduate degree will be considered
  • 25% of the total available scholarships are awarded to applicants who eventually hold an unconditional academic offer
  • applicants who are initially unsuccessful will have their application automatically considered again, as part of the final selection round, when the majority of awards will be decided.

If you are on track for first-class honours but cannot yet prove this (due to currently studying for your undergraduate degree) you can apply early, but note that your application will not be considered until round two.

Round two

The deadline is midday on 31 May 2022.

Applicants in this selection round may include:

  • current final year undergraduate students on track for a first-class degree
  • students who have already graduated and hold a first-class honours degree, who missed the midday 28 February 2022 deadline
  • students who have already graduated and were unsuccessful for an award in round one.

75% of the available scholarships will be awarded in this selection round to applicants who eventually hold an unconditional academic offer.

The online application form will be closed to all applicants once the deadline (midday 31 May 2022) has passed.

There is no appeal process and requests to submit late applications will not be considered.

Assessment process

Applications will be accepted from students who meet the eligibility criteria and have applied to study a full-time postgraduate Master's programme.

Information provided in the application will be used to determine which applicants display the most demonstrable need.

Priority will be given to applicants who fulfil the most widening participation criteria and are ranked most highly by the selection panel's scoring mechanism.


After the application closing date, you will be told whether your scholarship application was successful on the following dates, depending upon the selection round:

  • selection round one: week commencing 21 March 2022
  • selection round two: week commencing 13 June 2022.

Successful applicants

The University will make offers of a scholarship to successful candidates. Full details of the scheme being offered, including the terms and conditions, will be made available in the award notification.

All scholarship recipients must provide evidence of their first-class honours undergraduate degree and must meet all the terms and conditions of their academic offer.

Awardees must reply by email to the scholarship offer notification and confirm their acceptance of the award, and the relevant terms and conditions, by the date specified in the award letter.

Awardees who do not reply within two weeks will have their scholarship offer rescinded and the scholarship will be offered to one of the applicants on the scholarship reserve list.

Reserve applicants

To ensure that all available funding is distributed, the University will select a number of students to be on a reserve list. Such applicants will be notified accordingly, after each selection round.

Students on the reserve list may be contacted at a later date to be informed that they have been offered an award should funding become available.

Being placed on the reserve list is not a guarantee of an award.

Other criteria

To receive a payment, you must be fully registered (in-person) at the University and engaged with your studies.


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