Travel Bursary: terms and conditions

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The Travel Bursary allows prospective undergraduate students to claim for return travel costs to attend an interview or a post-offer visit day at the University of Bristol. Payments are only made to prospective students who have applied for an undergraduate course via UCAS.

To claim for multiple journeys (eg an interview and a post-offer visit day) please use a separate form for each claim.


To be eligible for the Travel Bursary, you must:

  • be a prospective UK student;
  • be eligible for funding by one of the four UK funding providers (ie Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland or Student Awards Agency for Scotland).

The travel bursary is means-tested and by submitting a claim form you (or your parent/guardian) are confirming that your gross household income is below the threshold for eligibility for funding. The University does not require evidence of income, however the University will receive household income data for any students that enrol and apply for means-tested support through one of the four UK funding providers.

Alternatively, students holding a contextual offer are eligible regardless of their household income.


Rail travel

  • The University can reimburse the cost of standard class return rail travel between your home (or the address from which you travelled on the day) and Bristol Temple Meads Station, except for students attending the School of Veterinary Sciences at Langford, where the nearest station is Yatton.
  • The University will not reimburse the cost of first class travel. You should take the most appropriate direct route and attempt to book in advance in order to secure the most favourable fare cost.

Bus or coach travel

  • The University can reimburse the cost of local bus fares where a bus journey is required to travel to your nearest bus or coach station.
  • The University can reimburse the cost of bus or coach fares between your home and Bristol Bus Station (Marlborough Street).

Car travel

  • If travelling by car, mileage for a return journey between your home postcode and the Bristol (BS8 1TH) or Langford (BS40 5DU) campuses will be calculated using the RAC Route Planner.
  • The distance for the recommended route will be multiplied by 15p per mile to obtain the amount to be reimbursed.
  • The cost of any receipted parking charges can also be claimed.

Taxi fares

  • The University would not ordinarily be able to reimburse the cost of taxi fares to the University or between bus or coach stations and your home or the University, except for prospective students attending the School of Veterinary Sciences at Langford.

Air or sea travel

  • The University can reimburse the cost of ferry, boat or economy class air fares (or the equivalent on budget airlines) for internal flights between the airport closest to your home and Bristol International Airport where a low-cost airfare is cheaper than the equivalent bus, coach or train fare.
    • This currently includes flights to Bristol from Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. 
  • The University can reimburse the costs of appropriate airport flyer bus services between airports and your home and the University.
  • The University will not reimburse the cost of business class or first class air fares or additional charges for priority boarding, airport lounges, Wi-Fi or meals, snacks and drinks purchased at the airport or in-flight.
  • The University will not reimburse the cost of international flights that originate from outside the United Kingdom. 
    • This restriction applies to both EU students (eligible for home fee status) travelling from an EU country and UK students who are currently living overseas (including within another EU member state) and travelling to Bristol to an interview or open day.
    • By exception, we may be able to honour a claim for travel between Dublin airport and Bristol providing the journey starts in Northern Ireland for prospective students living in Northern Ireland and where it is not possible to travel from Belfast. Please contact us before travelling for clarification. 


  • Students who have taken part in the Sutton Trust Summer School and Insight into Bristol summer school at the University of Bristol are also able claim up to £70 towards the cost of a double/twin hotel room the night before the post-offer visit day or interview.
  • The University will not reimburse accommodation costs for students who have not taken part in these projects.


  • The University may reimburse the cost of travel for a carer who offers support to a disabled prospective student where the carer is required to facilitate travel and accessibility.

Not included

  • The University cannot cover the cost of travel for any additional expenditure such as subsistence (meals, drinks, etc).
  • The University cannot reimburse the cost of travel for additional individuals who accompany prospective students such as parents, guardians or friends.
  • Exceptionally, the University may reimburse the cost of travel for a carer.
  • Any fines incurred while driving or parking cannot be reimbursed.

How to apply

Download and complete the Travel Bursary Claim Form (PDF, 213kB). Email the form with evidence attached to

To confirm eligibility you will be required to supply the UCAS number that relates to your current application for a place of study at the University of Bristol. In addition you will need to provide evidence of all eligible costs incurred during travel.

Payment will be made by UK bank transfer (BACS).

You should ordinarily claim for your travel costs only after having made your journey to the University. Where a claim is submitted in advance, details of the likely costs of travel (such as a screenshot from the travel provider's website) that includes the details of the proposed journey including origin, destination and date and times of travel should be provided.

Where the actual costs exceed the costs indicated in any quotations from travel companies, the amount awarded will not be increased.

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