The Grundy Educational Trust: terms and conditions

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To be eligible for this award, you must:

  • be a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom;
  • have an offer to study a postgraduate STEM programme (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics) in 2023/24, which will lead to a career in technological or scientific based disciplines in industry, commerce or the professions;
  • have a demonstrable financial need.

Applicants do not need to have undertaken their undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol to be eligible to submit an application.

Applications will be accepted from candidates who have already started their studies. This includes students who are currently in the third year of a four-year integrated Masters degrees (such as MEng or MSci) and who are applying for support from the trust for their fourth and final year of study. However, priority is given to applicants who have not yet started their chosen programme, or those who are on programmes lasting more than one year and still have the majority of their programme left to complete.


Awards to successful candidates may be up to £4,500. Awards will be paid in three equal termly instalments directly by the trust.

Awards will be made for such periods as may be considered appropriate by the trustees in their absolute discretion.

How to apply

Follow the steps on the Grundy Education Trust awards page.  

When completing the online application form, please note it can only be completed in one sitting. You will need to have to hand the following information: 

  • Your personal details, including the name and ages of any dependants (as applicable)  

Information on your academic history, including details on:  degree / formal qualification attained, and grades achieved, schools attended after the age of 14, lower-level qualifications achieved (i.e. A-Levels, GCSEs) 

  • Information on your employment history 
  • Details of the course you will be undertaking for which you are making an application for funding 
  • Information on other grants you may have applied for
  • Information on your estimated income and expenditure for the forthcoming academic year
  • Referee details
  • A brief personal statement on why you should be considered for an award.

Supporting statement 

In addition to the online application form, you must also submit a statement from the faculty/school (from the programme director or future supervisor) in support of your award application. 

If you are applying for funding at Masters level and are not in contact with a specific supervisor or programme director, you may wish to email the School’s postgraduate office (for current students rather than Postgraduate Admissions) and ask for their support in identifying a suitable programme director or supervisor.   

If you cannot get a supporting statement from a University of Bristol member of staff, you may instead submit a supporting statement from an academic supervisor or programme director at your current or recently attended institution. 

The supporting statement must provide academic insight on the programme being applied for and outline what makes their applicant a strong candidate for an award. When considering their statement, an academic should review the applicant's study history and academic achievements to date and reflect and comment on how these align with demands of their chosen programme and their stated career aspirations. 

You must send the supporting statement to before the closing date deadline. It will also be sent to The Grundy Educational Trust to support your application for an award.


You must submit the name, address and occupation of two independent people from whom references can be sought on your attainments, capacity for further study and financial position. 

At least one of these referees should be someone with direct knowledge of your academic progress to date. Suitable referees include former school teachers, undergraduate personal tutors, former/current employers, family friends in professional roles.

Application process

1. Verification of household income

The Student Funding Office will review your application to check that you have self-certified that you have a shortfall in your income to meet your living costs. If you have not self-certified that you have a shortfall in your funds, your application will not be long-listed and your application will not be considered by the University.

The Student Funding Office will not seek information to verify your income and expenditure. Therefore, when completing the Grundy Educational Trust application form you must provide precise and accurate financial information, both in terms of income and expenditure.

If you are invited to interview you will be asked about your financial circumstances and the shortfall of funds that you have calculated on your application.

2. Long-listing

PGR directors will review the applications, alongside the supporting statements from the programme directors/supervisors, to determine who will be long-listed for an award from their faculty.

PGR directors will rank the nominated candidates from their faculty.

3. Short-listing

The Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor will be sent the long-listed applications for short-listing. The Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor will consider your whole application, the faculty/school supporting statement and the ranking provided by the PGR directors.

Up to five applicants will be nominated and their full applications will be sent to The Grundy Educational Trust by the deadline, to be considered for interview.

Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

4. Interviews

Successful applicants will be contacted by The Grundy Educational Trust and invited to interview. Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held online.

Before you make your application, you must be certain that - if selected - you will be able to attend the online interview. 

Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.


If you are on a programme of more than one academic year, the Grundy Educational Trust may consider making an award for the duration of your studies. In these circumstances you will need to provide updated financial information at the end of each year. Your continued funding entitlement might be adjusted up or down depending on the change to your financial circumstances and a significant increase in your income might lead to a withdrawal of funding by the Trust.

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