Access Postgrad fee waivers: terms and conditions

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To receive an award towards the cost of 2024/25 tuition fees, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • have undertaken an undergraduate course at the University of Bristol in 2023/24.
  • have completed the University of Bristol's Access Postgrad scheme in 2023/24, comprising a programme of mentoring and skills development
  • be a home (UK) fee-paying student
  • be undertaking a oneyear full-time or two year part-time postgraduate taught programme at the University of Bristol (MA. MSc, LLM, MRes).
  • meet one or more of the University's widening participation criteria.

Notification of fee waiver

  • Successful students will be notified of their award by 30 June 2024.
  • If a successful recipient withdraws their application to study, their award will be redistributed to another candidate.

Acceptance of the fee waiver

  • Once notified that they have been successful in receiving the fee waiver, recipients must follow the instructions given in the award notification email within 14 days of receipt to confirm that they wish to accept the fee waiver.

Value and payment of the fee waiver

  • The fee waiver is valued at up to £5,000.
  • If your tuition fees are less than £5,000, the remainder of the fee waiver cannot be taken as a cash bursary.
  • If your tuition fees are less than £5,000, but you are required to pay bench fees as part of your programme (in addition to your main tuition fee), any remaining fee waiver balance can be put towards your bench fee liability.
  • If a recipient is studying for a two-year, part-time course; the £5000 fee waiver is applied to the year 1 tuition fees only. 
  • The fee waiver will only be set up once the recipient is registered on their programme.
  • The fee waiver will be set up against the recipient's tuition fee bill and will reduce their own tuition liability by this amount.
  • If the recipient is eligible for an alumni discount (see terms and conditions), the discount is applied to remaining tuition fee liability after the fee waiver.    
  • The recipient will be liable to pay any remaining tuition fees due after the fee waiver deduction has been applied.

Change of circumstances


If the fee waiver recipient suspends their studies, it may be necessary to adjust the level of fee waiver paid, in line with any adjustments to the tuition fee.

If the student restarts their studies the following year, any balance of fee waiver not paid in the first year may be taken in the second year of studies, but no more than the original fee waiver awarded will be paid over the duration of the recipients studies, up to a maximum award of £5,000.


The award is for the 2024/25 academic year only.

If, following the award of the waiver, the recipient decides to defer the start of their studies to 2025/26, their fee waiver award offer will be rescinded and redistributed to a reserve candidate who is starting in the 2024/25 academic year. 

Repeat study

If the recipient is required to repeat any part of their studies, the fee waiver will not be applied again during the repeat period.


If a recipient withdraws from their programme their tuition fees may need to be adjusted by the University depending upon the timing of the withdrawal.

If, upon withdrawal, the tuition fees are reduced to less than £5,000, the fee waiver will be reduced to match the fees being charged so the recipient has no remaining fee liability.

If, upon withdrawal, the tuition fees are reduced from the original fee level but remain greater than the value of the recipient's fee waiver (up to a maximum of £5,000), the full fee waiver awarded will remain in place. However, the fee waiver recipient will be liable to pay any remaining tuition fees over the value of their fee waiver.

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