Supervisory network

Our supervisory network is made up of over 110 academics from 14 Departments, Faculties and Schools with a very wide range of specialisms united by an interest in Digital Health and Care. Students are expected to have supervisors from both the health sciences and engineering/technology. Please note it is not necessary to contact potential supervisors before applying for the CDT programme: students assemble their supervisory team during their first taught year as their project ideas develop.

Bristol Medical School

Name Job title Expertise
Prof Yoav Ben-Shlomo Professor of Clinical Epidemiology Neurodegenerative disorders
Dr Lucy Biddle Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology Suicide prevention, mental health
Prof Ashley Blom Head of School Musculoskeletal research and orthopaedics
Dr Helen Bould Consultant Senior Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Eating disorders, child and adolescent mental health, experimental psychology
Dr Liz Coulthard Associate Professor in Dementia Neurology Behavioural Genetics; Mental Health
Prof Esther Crawley Professor of Child Health Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Child Health
Dr Oliver Davis Reader in Statistical Genertics Genetic and environmental data science
Dr James Dodd Consultant Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine Respiratory medicine
Prof Tom Gaunt Professor of Health and Biomedical Informatics Molecular genetics and bioinformatics
Prof Rachael Gooberman-Hill Professor of Health and Anthropology, Head of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Social anthropology, osteoarthritis
Dr Philip Harfield Research Fellow Health data
Prof Alastair Hay Professor of Primary Care Primary Care; Antimicrobial Resistance; Self Care; Antibiotics
Dr Emily Henderson Consultant Senior Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine ageing and neurodegeneration
Prof Jeremy Horwood Associate Professor in Social Sciences and Health Experience of health and health services and acceptability of interventions
Prof Richard Huxtable Professor of Medical Ethics and Law Ethics in medicine
Professor Carol Joinson Professor in Developmental Psychology Mental health/child development
Professor David Kessler Professor of Primary Care Mental Health
Professor Kathreena Kurian Professor of Neuropathology Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer
Dr Fiona Lithander Honorary Senior Research Fellow Nutrition science
Prof John Macleod Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Primary Care Health inequality and primary care
Prof Richard Martin Professor of Clinical Epidemiology Prostate Cancer, Breastfeeding, unexpected beneficial and adverse effects of commonly prescribed drugs
Dr Louise Millard Research Fellow Health data epidemiology
Dr Micheal O'Bresail Senior Research Associate Pregnancy and bone density
Prof Caroline Relton Professor of Epigenetic Epidemiology Epigenetic epidemiology
Dr Harry Rolinski Academic Clinical Lecture in Stroke Neurology Parkinson's disease, REM sleep behaviour disorder, Neuroimaging
Dr Anya Skatova Research Fellow Transaction data for population health
Prof Jonathan Sterne Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology Medical statistics and epidemiology; HIV; Asthma and allergic diseases
Prof Graham Stuart Honorary Associate Professor in Sports and Exercise Cardiology Physical Activity, Cardiology
Dr Sarah Sullivan Deputy Chief Operating Officer at ALSPAC Mental Health and Psychosis
Prof Kate Tilling Professor of Medical Statistics Medical Statistics
Prof Nicholas Timpson Professor of Genetic Epidemiology Genetic epidemiology
Prof Jon Tobias Consultant Senior Lecturer Rhuematology
Prof Kate Whittington Professor of Health Sciences Education Translational Health Sciences
Dr Alan Whone Consultant Senior Lecturer in Movement Disorder Movement Disorders

Bristol Veterinary School

Name Job title Expertise
Dr Ranjeet Bhamber Senior Resarch Associate Accelerometers, mass spectometry
Prof Andrew Dowsey Chair in Population Health Data Science Population Health Data Science; Quantitative omics; Sensing; Imaging
Dr John Fennell Lecturer in Animal Sensing and Biometrics Automatic disease detection and monitoring in calves
Dr Laszlo Talas Lecturer in Animal Sensing and Biometrics Zoology/experimental psychology/computer vision

Centre for Digital Health

Name Job title Expertise
Dr Amberly Brigden Lecturer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Child Health
Dr Hanna Kristiina Isotalus Lecturer Neuroimaging of memory, healthy ageing and dementia
Dr Alessandro Masullo Lecturer Computer Vision for Digital Health

Department of Computer Science

Name Job title Expertise
Dr Laurence Aitchson Lecturer Machine learning and computational neuroscience
Professor Dima Damen Professor of Computer Vision Computer vision
Dr Jon Bird Senior Lecturer Digital Health Engineering
Dr Nikolai Bode Lecturer Machine learning/AI
Professor Seth Bullock Toshiba Chair in Data Science and Simultation Complex system simulation
Dr Tilo Burghardt Senior Lecturer Computer vision
Prof Kirsten Cater Education Director for PGT and Associate Dean, Department of Computer Science Healthy Ageing, VR
Prof Peter Flach Professor of Artifical Intelligence Machine Learning, data science, Human-centred Artificial Intelligence
Dr Conor Houghton Reader in Computationial Neuroscience Computational Neuroscience
Dr Paul Marshall Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction
Dr Ryan McConville Lecturer in data science, machine learning and AI Data science, machine learning, AI
Dr Oussama Metatla Senior Lecturer HCI
Prof Majid Mirmehdi Professor of Computer Vision Computer vision
Prof Ian Nabney Professor Machine learning/AI
Dr Aisling Ann O'Kane Senior Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction and Head of Computer Science Design for Health/HCI
Dr Rui Ponte Costa Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning Neuroscience, modelling and machine learning
Professor Chris Priest Professor of Sustainability and Computer Systems Behaviour change
Dr Anne Roudaut Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction
Dr Daniel Schien Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Energy efficient software systems

Department of Engineering Mathematics

Title Job title Expertise
Dr Zahraa Abdallah Lecturer Machine Learning
Prof Ian Craddock University Lead in Digital Health Digital health
Dr Brittany Davidson Honorary Lecturer Online behaviour, statistics, machine learning
Dr George Oikonomou Senior Lecturer in IoT Embedded systems
Prof Rob Piechcoki Professor of Wireless Systems Wireless communications
Prof Bernard Stark Professor of Electrical Engineering Lower power electronics
Dr Paul Warr Senior Lecturer Software (Reconfigurable) Radio and diversity-exploiting communication systems
Dr Colin Campbell Reader in Mathematics for Information Technology AI, machine learning
Dr Hermes Gadelha Senior Lecturer in Mathematical and Data Modelling modelling biological and physical systems
Dr Sabine Hauert Associate Professor in Swarm Engineering Crowd sourcing/AI
Professor Weiru Liu Professor Machine learning/AI
Dr Lucia Marucci Associate Professor in Systems and Synthetic Biology Systems and sythetic biology
Dr Chris McWilliams Research Fellow Data driven approaches to improving intensive care practice. 
Prof Anthony Mulholland Professor Applied mathermatics, ultrasonic devices
Prof Jonathan Rossiter Professor of Robotics Soft robotics
Dr Raul Santos-Rodriguez Associate Professor of Data Science and Intelligent Systems Machine learning/AI

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Job title


Dr Fengyuan Liu


3D/4D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Biomanufacturing

Dr Antonia Tzemanaki

Lecturer in Robotics

Dexterous Manipulation and Wearable Robotics

NHS Honorary Academics

Title Job title Expertise
Dr Philip Hamann Honorary Lecturer/ Consultant Rhuematology
Mr Jonathan Aning Honorary Lecturer/Consultant Urological Surgeon Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer
Dr Chris Bordeaux Honorary Lecturer/ICU Consultant ICU
Mr Joe Philip Honorary Senior Lecturer/ Consultant Urological Surgeon Urology
Dr Richard Scott Consultant Clinical Scientist Medical Physics & Bioengineering services

School for Policy Studies

Title Job title Expertise
Dr Miranda Armstrong Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity in Adults Physical activity epidemiology
Prof Ashley Cooper Emeritus Professor Physical Activity, Public Health
Prof Charlie Foster Professor of Physical Activity and Public Health Physical Activity, Public Health
Prof Pauline Heslop Professor of Intellectual Disabilities Studies Intellectual Disabilities studies
Prof Russ Jago Professor of Physical Activity and Public Health Children and adolescents' physical activity; designing and evaluating complex interventions 
Dr Laura Johnson Associate Professor in Nutrition Public Health Nutrition
Dr Patricia Lucas Reader, Child Health Research Child health
Professor Angie Page Emeritus Professor of Physical Activity and Public Health Physcial activity and Nutrition
Dr Angeliki Papadaki Senior Lecturer in Nutrition Nutrition Interventions, Dietary Behaviour Change
Dr Demi Patsios Senior Lecturer Ageing populations
Prof Karen West Professor of Social Policy and Ageing Healthy Ageing

School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Job title


Prof Rafael Carazo Salas

Chair in Biomedical Science

Quantitative stem cell biology, biological Big Data and machine learning/AI

Prof Eugenia Piddini

Professorial Research Fellow in Cell Biology

Cancer cells

School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience

Title Job title Expertise
Prof Matt Jones Professorial Research Fellow in Neuroscience Sleep
Dr Angus Nightingale Clincial Senior Lecturer in Cardiology Dementia, Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease
Prof Alastair Poole Professor of Pharmacology and Cell Biology Pharmacology

School of Psychological Science

Name Job title Expertise
Dr Angela Attwood Associate Professor Addiction
Prof Iain Gilchrist Head of School Decision making, human foraging
Prof Claire Haworth Professor of Behavioural Genetics Behavioural Genetics; Mental Health
Prof Christopher Jarrold Professor of Cognitive Development Cognitive development
Dr Olivia Maynard Lecturer in Experimental Psychology Healthy behaviour change; smoking; alochol use
Prof Marcus Munafo Professor of Biological Psychology Mental health
Prof Ian Penton-Voak Professor of Evolutionary Psychology Cognition and perception
Dr Andy Skinner Research Fellow Brain, behaviours, health
Prof Lucy Yardley Professor Digital behaviour change

Bristol Digital Futures Institute

Name Job title Expertise
Professor Susan Halford Head of Bristol Digital Futures Institute Organisational sociology

Bristol Law School

Name Job title Expertise
Prof John Coggon  Chair in Law Public and Global Health Ethics and Law, and Mental Capacity Law
Prof Morag McDermont Professor of Socio-Legal Studies Housing Law & Policy; Administrative Law; Regulation and Risk; Social Theory
Dr Oliver Quick Reader in Law Patient safety
Prof Keith Syrett Professor of Health Law and Policy Public law and the rationing of scarce health care resources

School of Education

Name Job title Expertise
Dr Frances Knight Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education Paediatric sleep
Dr Helen Manchester Reader in Digital Inequalities and Urban Futures Digital Inequalities and Urban Futures

School of Management

Name Job title Expertise
Prof Gianluca Veronesi Professor of Public Management and Accounting Healthcare Management
Dr Roberta Bernardi Senior Lecturer in Management Digital Health
Dr Nikolaos Stylos Senior Lecturer in Marketing Marketing

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