Apply for a Tier 4 student visa from inside the UK

Conditions you must meet to apply from inside the UK

You can extend your Tier 4 student visa within the UK if you are:

  • A PhD student;
  • Repeating a year of study or have previously repeated a year of study;
  • Upgrading an integrated course, eg from an integrated BEng to MEng, or integrated MPhil to PhD.

Starting a new course at a higher academic level

This is likely when you are:

  • moving from A-level study at an independent school to an undergraduate course at university;
  • moving from an undergraduate course to a postgraduate programme.

You must have completed and received your results from your previous course.

Starting a new course at the same level as your previous course


  • the new course relates to your previous course;
  • your previous and new course combined, support your career aspirations.

You must have completed your previous course and achieved the qualification for which you were studying.

When to apply if you are starting a new course

  • You must apply for your visa in the three months before your new course starts.
  • There must be less than 28 days between your current visa end date and your new course start date.

If you do not meet the conditions above, you must apply from outside the UK.

How to apply for your Tier 4 student visa

It is important you have all the necessary paperwork and information available before you start, to make a successful application.

  1. Read the UKVI Tier 4 student visa overview before you start
  2. Get your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number
    • If are a new student coming to Bristol from a different UK educational institution, you will automatically receive your CAS once you have an unconditional offer
    • If you are a current Bristol student and can extend your visa in the UK, you need to come to a drop-in session at our office to fill in a CAS eligibility form
  3. Get the documents you must provide. Pay particular attention to the finance documents, if these are not submitted with the correct amount in the correct format your visa application will be refused
  4. Once you have received your CAS, start the UKVI online application form. It is very important that you do not complete and pay for your application or Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) until after you have talked to one of our Student Visa Advisers so we can go through your application form with you
  5. Email to arrange a 'check-and-submit appointment' with an adviser. At this appointment we will check your application and accompanying documents and we can send them to UKVI on your behalf
  6. UKVI offer a premium service for visa applications. If you wish to pay for this, you will have your visa application assessed on the same day and should receive the new visa within ten days after that. Read about the UKVI visa premium service centre for more details

UKVI Tier 4 Policy Guidance

Read the UKVI Tier 4 Policy Guidance here

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