CAS Reissuing for Undergraduate Students

The UKVI Distance Learning concession will end on 30 June 2022. Students who started their undergraduate programmes by distance learning in 2020 or 2021 but never obtained a Student visa will have a CAS automatically issued to them by email in May - June 2022. You should not need to request a CAS from us, but if you do not receive it by the middle of June you are welcome to contact us. CAS will be issued with the course end date that is on your student record at the time of issuing. If you are likely to be awarded a supplementary year, it may be worth delaying your visa application until you have received your academic results for 2021/22 to avoid the need to pay for multiple applications. 

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Student Visa Policy Guidance and information

Read the UKVI Student visa Policy Guidance here

For more advice and guidance, please see the Study UK: British Council website.

General Grounds for Refusal

Even if you meet all the financial and qualification requirements, your application can still be refused on general grounds, such as criminal history, immigration history, forgery and giving false information in your application (known as deception) etc. Please visit the UKCISA webapages and read the sections called 'Criminal convictions' and 'General grounds for refusal' under 'Requirements'. 

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