Brexit and EU students

This information is for current and prospective EU students.

Current EU students travelling back to the UK after the UK leaves the EU

If you are an EU national travelling back into the UK to continue your studies after the UK leaves the EU and you have not been granted EU settlement, it is advisable to carry a student status letter from your Faculty or School office as evidence that you were residing in the UK before the UK left the EU.  We also suggest that you apply for EU settlement prior to travelling, see below.

EU Settlement Scheme for EU nationals living in the UK before the UK leaves the EU

The EU settlement scheme is a scheme that EU nationals can apply to to protect their residence in the UK after the UK leaves the EU.  It enables EU citizens and their family members living in the UK before the UK leaves the EU to secure their status and continue to be able to work, study, and access benefits and services in the UK, as well as travel into and out of the UK, on the same basis after the UK exits the EU as they do now.  It is recommended that you apply to the EU settlement scheme if you are an EU national studying in the UK.  If you are unsure if you should apply please read UKCISA's Do I have to apply under the settlement scheme?

The EU Settlement Scheme opened fully on 30 March 2019. The deadline for applying for EU settlement is 30 June 2021, or 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The application process is straightforward and free and even if you have not been in the UK for 5 years (to qualify for EU settlement) you would be granted pre-settled status which would be beneficial in protecting your residence in the UK as stated above. 

If you wish to apply for EU settlement, please follow the steps below:

1) prepare your supporting documents - if you don't have a National Insurance number and/or haven't been working in the UK for 5 years - you will need to obtain a student status letter to prove when you commenced studies (to show that you were living in the UK before Brexit) OR an/other document/s to show that you were living here if you moved to the UK before you started your studies
2) prove your identity - download the EU Exit: ID Document Check onto an android device and use it to prove your identity - scanning your face and passport. If you do not have a suitable device you can prove your identity by post or go to an identity document scanning location, see GOV.UK for details.
3) log in and complete the application online (any device)
You will then receive pre-settled status (if you have not been in the UK for 5 years or if you cannot prove that have been in the UK for 5 years) OR EU settlement.
If you receive pre-settled status and think it should have been EU settlement, please contact us with additional documents that you think prove settlement.

Immigration information for EU students 

If you would like to read further information about the implications of Brexit, please see UKCISA. The implications depend on when you arrived, or will arrive, in the UK. There are also details of how you will be affected in a deal or no deal scenario.

Further information

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