Pre-sessional students

In the light of the rapidly changing global COVID-19 outbreak situation, the University is currently reviewing the way it will be delivering its pre-sessional courses. Latest information about the courses can be found here. We have outlined the options for taking the pre-sessional course in this section of our website and will update the information if anything changes. 

We acknowledge that the global COVID-19 outbreak situation has been disruptive to students planning to study our pre-sessional courses. Many students have not been able to book a Secure English Language Test (SELT) / UKVI IELTS that is necessary to obtain a Tier 4 visa for the pre-sessional course. We have taken this into consideration and have outlined immigration options available to students who are at different stages of the admissions process below. There is now also an option to study the pre-sessional course online from your home country. Information about each of the visa options, including the details of academic eligibility, can also be found in the webpage menu on the left-hand side.  

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