Pre-sessional students

In the light of the rapidly changing global COVID-19 outbreak situation, the University has had to review he way it will be delivering its pre-sessional courses. Latest information about the courses can be found on Coronavirus update for pre-sessional applicants page. In the summer 2020 all pre-sessional courses will be delivered online only, so physical presence in the UK will not be required for the duration of these programmes. 

As all pre-sessional courses are only being offered online this year, it is assumed that you will not be present in the UK or sponsored for a visa while the programme is running. You will need to apply for a visa for your main course of study from your home country.

If before the start of the pre-sessional course your English language level is already at B2 or above, your CAS will be issued to you in late August. This would subject to you making sufficient progress on your pre-sessional course. Please do not arrive in the UK before your offer becomes unconditional.

If your English language level was below B2 when you start the pre-sessional course, your CAS will only be issued once you have passed the course and your main offer has become unconditional. You will have limited time in which to obtain the Tier 4 visa for your subsequent study, so you must make sure you have met all the Tier 4 visa requirements before you get the CAS. However, if your visa application is delayed or you are unable to travel, there may be an option to start your course remotely and come to the UK at a later date when circumstances permit. Please discuss these options with your School and course administrators. 

Please regularly check the University's Coronavirus page for prospective students and the Student Visa Services Coronavirus FAQs.  

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