Correcting an error on your visa

As soon as you receive your visa, check the information is correct. If there is an error, you must take action.

Course dates and visa expiry dates

The expiry date of your visa depends on the length of your course. You can find your course end date in your original Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) email.

Use the following guidelines to check your visa expiry date is correct.

Duration of courseCourses this applies toVisa expiry date
Less than 6 months One-term Study Abroad course or Visiting student 7 days after course end date
Pre-sessional courses Pre-sessional courses 1 month after course end date
6 - 12 months International Foundation Programme or full year Study Abroad course 2 months after course end date
More than 12 months Undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research degree 4 months after course end date

Correcting an error on your vignette (visa sticker)

If you have applied outside the UK for a Student visa to study for more than 6 months, the UKVI will issue you with a vignette which will be valid for 30 days.

This is not an error.

A vignette is a sticker in your passport, issued by the UKVI. It is proof of your permission to enter the UK and will allow you to travel to the UK.

Find out more about your vignette

Once you arrive in the UK you must collect your BRP card.

  • This will be your visa for the duration of your studies.
  • Your BRP card will specify how long you can stay in the UK.

If you think there is an error on your vignette contact us for help and advice.

Correcting an error on your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

When you arrive in the UK and receive your BRP card check it for any errors.

  • If there’s a problem with your BRP card report it within 10 days.
  • If you do not report it, you may have to apply and pay for a replacement.
  • Read our Correcting an error on your BRP card (PDF, 109kB). It provides guidance on what to do to correct your BRP if you applied either inside the UK or outside the UK.

If you are unsure if your visa has an error, contact us for help and advice.

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