Applying under the differentiation arrangement

From 6 July 2018, the list of nationalities that can apply under the differentiation arrangement changed. Please refer to Appendix H of the Immigration Rules to check if you can apply under the differentiation arrangement.

Some Tier 4 applicants do not need to provide evidence of their qualifications or their money when they are applying for entry clearance in their country of nationality or ordinary residence, or for leave to remain in the UK. The Home Office calls this the 'differentiation arrangement' for 'low-risk applicants'. Find out if your nationality is classed as 'low-risk' by looking at Appendix H of the Immigration Rules.

If you qualify to apply under the differentiation arrangement, you are not required to include the evidence of qualifications or finances with your application. UKVI can request this evidence while your application is being considered. We recommend you prepare evidence of your finances and qualifications. Your visa application will be refused if you do not provide them, in the time stated, if requested by UKVI.

If you do submit documents when they are not required, they will be assessed anyway. If they do not meet UKVI requirements, your visa application will be refused.

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