Potential PhD supervisors: Translational Health Sciences

Members of the school have a diverse range of research interests. Please search the table below to identify potential PhD supervisors.

SupervisorsResearch areas
Dr Alan Whone movement disorder
Dr Alastair Wilkins stem cells, PPAR, peroxisome, taiep rat, EAE
Dr Ali Bienemann Functional Neurosurgery , Convection-enhanced delivery, Translation, Interdisciplinary, Glioma
Dr Andrew Moore Qualitative, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Surgery, Health services
Dr Andrew Mumford Haemotology
Dr Andrew Wills Life course epidemiology, Medical Statistics, Childhood growth
Dr Anne-Marie O'Carroll Neuroendocrinology, G Protein-coupled receptors, Neuropeptides, Apelin, Gene expression
Dr Becky Conway-Campbell Glucocorticoids, Glucocorticoid Receptor, Hippocampus, Chromatin, Transcription
Dr Becky Foster Diabetic nephropathy, Endothelial glycocalyx, Angiopoietin-1, VEGF-C, Albuminuria
Dr Celia Gregson Fracture, Osteoporosis, Epidemiology, Genetics, Ageing
Dr Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci Cardiology, Cardiovascular Imaging, Cardiac MRI
Dr Claire Perks epithelial cancers, metabolism, obesity, IGF axis, cancer progression
Dr Claire Rice multiple sclerosis, stem cells
Dr Colin Chu Uveitis, Autoimmunity, Ophthalmology, RNA-Seq, Gene Therapy
Dr Daniel Whitcomb Alzheimer's disease; glutamate receptors; synaptic plasticity; synaptic function
Dr Denize Atan Memory, Genetics, Hippocampus, Retina, Epigenetics
Dr Dimitrios Siassakos stillbirth, bereavement, education, obesity, pregnancy
Dr Ela Chakkarapani perinatal brain injury, neuroprotection, Translational research
Dr Elsa Marques Economic evaluation of health care, Health economics, Costs, Cost effectiveness, Clinical trials
Dr Emma Clark hypermobility, scoliosis, vertebral fractures, osteoporosis, pain
Dr Erik Lenguerrand epidemiology in obstetrics, epidemiology in orthopaedics, clinical trial in obstetrics, clinical trial in orthopaedics
Dr Francesca Spiga Glucocorticoids, Adrenal gland, Stress, HPA axis, Steroidogenesis
Dr Gavin Welsh Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, Podocyte, Kidney disease, Cell signalling, Cytoskeleton
Dr Giovanni Biglino cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, congenital heart disease, hemodynamics, medical 3D printing, biomechanics
Dr Iain Dykes congenital heart disease, mouse genetics, embryonic development, non-coding RNA, Exosome
Dr Jade Thai Clinical Neuroimaging, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, Functional MRI, Developmental disorders
Dr Jason Johnson Cardiovascular, inflammation, Proteases, MicroRNA, Angiogenesis
Dr Karen Luyt neuroprotection, brain injury, prematurity, brain development
Dr Kate Whittington  
Dr Kathleen Gillespie autoimmunity, genetic mechanisms, maternal cells, functional pancreatic beta cells, NK cells, diabetes
Dr Kathreena Kurian Brain tumour, brain cancer, Glioma, Neuroncology, Neuroscience
Dr Liang-Fong Wong neurodegenerative disease, spinal cord injury, gene therapy, stem cells, neuroscience
Dr Linda Hunt musculoskeletal
Dr Lindsay Nicholson Autoimmunity, Autoimmune disease, Ophthalmology, T cells, Macrophages
Dr Liz Coulthard Dementia, Memory, Clinical trials, Cognition, Alzheimer's disease
Dr Maria Pufulete cardiac surgery
Dr Mark Bond cAMP-dependent signalling pathways, transcriptional regulation of vascular cell behaviour
Dr Michael Whitehouse Total hip replacement, Total knee replacement, Trauma and fractures, Patient reported outcome measures, Registries
Dr Mohamed Ghorbel Congenital Heart Disease, Genomics, Tissue-Engineering, Stem Cells, Transnational Research
Dr Mohammed Sharif osteoarthritis, joint disease, joints, joint tissue, loss of cartilage
Dr Oscar Cordero Llana Parkinson's Disease, Neurodegeneration, Neural Stem Cells, iPSCs, Astrocytes
Dr Richard Lee Human immunology, Eye, Corticosteroids, Immunotherapy, Immune biomarkers
Dr Scott Miners dementia, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular, neuropathology, renin-angiotensin system
Dr Shelley Allen-Birt Alzheimer's disease, Neurodegeneration, Microbiome, Neuroinflammation, Neurotrophins
Dr Simon Satchell Diabetes, Renal disease, Kidney glomerulus, Vascular biology, Endothelium
Dr Sofia Theodoropoulou retinal disease, angiogenesis, macular degeneration, autoimmunity, retinal metabolism
Dr Stephen Lolait vasopressin, receptors, stress, behaviour, hippocampus
Dr Umberto Benedetto cardiac surgery
Dr Vikki Wylde Joint replacement, Clinical research, Chronic pain, Randomised trials, Randomised trials
Mr Alistair Williams Autoantibodies, Autoimmunity, Type 1 Diabetes, Pancreas, Coeliac disease
Mr Mustafa Zakkar cardiothoracic surgery
Professor Adam Finn Paediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Vaccines, Microbiology
Professor Andrés Lopez Bernal human pregnancy and birth, preterm labour, uterine contractility, myometrial receptors, cell signalling
Professor Andrew Dick Immunobiology, Mouse inflammatory models, Ocular inflammatory disease, Immune endophenotyping, Clinical Uveitis
Professor Andrew Levy medical training manikin design, endocrinology, pituitary disease, intellectual property licensing
Professor Ashley Blom arthroplasty, registries, infection, surgical trials, hip and knee replacement
Professor Astrid Lindhorst seratonin, noradrenaline, GABA, corticosterone, Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenocortical (HPA) axis
Professor Barnaby Reeves randomised controlled trials (RCTs), health care evaluation, cardiovascular disease, surgery, ophthalmology
Professor Chris Rogers heart surgery, heart transplantation, cox regression modeling, lung transplantation, low volume operations
Professor Colin Dayan Diabetes
Professor Costanza Emanueli microRNAs, embryonic stem cells, ischaemic disease, translational research, molecular medicine
Professor Craig McArdle cell signalling, G-protein coupled receptor signalling, G-protein coupled receptor trafficking, gonadotrophin-releasing hormone signalling, ERK signalling
Professor David Cahill endometriosis, ovarian endocrinology, ovulation induction, infertility, reproductive medicine
Professor David Murphy Molecular neuroendocrinology, Hypertension, Transcriptomics, Transcription, In vivo gene manipulation
Professor David Wynick galanin, GalR2, DRG, neuropathic pain
Professor Frank Smith ischaemic heart, peripheral vascular disease, hyperplasia, vein bypass grafts
Professor Gianni Angelini Saphenous vein bypass graft failure, Beating heart surgery, Arterial revascularisation, Mitral valve repair, Cardiac surgery
Professor Hans Reul stress, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis, autonomic nervous system, glucocorticoid, signalling pathways
Professor James Uney molecular neuroscience, huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, apoptosis, neurodegeneration
Professor Jeffrey Holly IGFs, insulin-like growth factor II, life-course epidemiology, cancer
Professor Jonathan Tobias osteoporosis , bone development
Professor Julian Hamilton-Shield Children, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, metabolism
Professor Julian Hughes dementia, palliative care, mental health, mental capacity, ageing
Professor Karen Forbes Pallative medicine, pallative care, end of life care, life-limiting illness
Professor Kei Cho Alzheimer's, beta-amyloid, excitatory synapse, long-term synaptic plasticity, calcium-sensor
Professor Marcus Drake Incontinence, Urodynamics, Neuro-urology, Bladder physiology, LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms)
Professor Massimo Caputo Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine, Ischemia Reperfusion Injury, Myocardial Protection and Omics, 3D modeling and imaging in congenital heart disease
Professor Moin Saleem Kidney; paediatric; podocyte; genetics; cardiovascular
Professor Neil Scolding multiple sclerosis, stem cells, bone marrow, vasculitis, sarcoid
Professor Nick Maskell Pleura, pleural effusion, mesothelioma, pleural infection, pleural malignancy
Professor Paolo Madeddu Cardiovascular regenerative medicine, Stem cells, Diabetes complications, Ischemia
Professor Patrick Kehoe Alzheimer's, Vascular, Dementia, Drug Repurposing, Angiotensin
Professor Polly Bingley type 1 diabetes, diabetes prevention, diabetes autoantibodies
Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill pain, musculoskeletal, qualitative, health services research, implementation science
Professor Raimondo Ascione Innovation in Cardiac Surgery, Stem cells for myocardial repair, Vascular tissue bioengineering, Cardiovascular Drug/Device development, Translational research in large animals
Professor Richard Coward kidney, glomerulus, transgenic mouse, podocyte, diabetic kidney disease
Professor Saadeh Suleiman Cardiac Physiology, Cellular Cardiology, Development and Ageing, Cardio-protection
Professor Sarah George atherosclerosis, vein graft, cell signalling, heart disease, tissue engineering
Professor Seth Love Apolipoprotein E, amyloid, ischaemia, blood-brain barrier
Professor Stafford Lightman Stress, circadian rhythm, Ultradian rhythm, Cortisol, Apathy
Professor Tim Peters Health Services Research, Randomised controlled trials, Primary health care, Statistical methods, Epidemiology
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