Suspending your studies

If you are suspending your studies

When you decide to formally suspend your studies you must complete a suspension form, usually available from your School office. Before the School processes your suspension request you must seek and receive visa advice from a Student Visa Adviser. Please email us with the details of your proposed suspension, such as suspension dates and any change in anticipated course end date, on so that we can advise you on the immigration implications. 

COVID-19 Suspension Update

Under normal circumstances a suspension that is longer than 60 days would result in withdrawal of visa sponsorship. Owing to the temporary COVID-19 immigration concessions the University may not be required to withdraw visa sponsorship if a suspension is a result of the pandemic disruption. This would depend on the length of the suspension as well as on the further immigration updates that should be released by UKVI in the summer 2020. Please contact Student Visa Advisers to discuss you case individually. 

If you suspend your studies, your permission to work in the UK may be affected if the University reports your suspension to the UKVI. Please contact Student Visa Advisers for more information if you think you may be affected by this. If you are taking a short suspension that is not reported to the UKVI, your working rights should remain the same, but you must keep to the applicable time limit on working hours stated on your BRP during term-time. 

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