Extending your studies

Extending your visa for your current course

You may need to extend your visa to complete your studies.

  • Speak to your Faculty/School to find out if it is possible to extend your studies.
  • Changes to your student status will affect your immigration status.
  • If the Faculty/School are happy for you to continue your studies, you will need to take an extension form and contact us to discuss. 
  • Our advisers will tell you if you are eligible to extend your visa to stay in the UK to complete your studies.
  • The form will confirm you have had immigration advice before extending your studies.

Where to apply

You can only extend your Student visa within the UK if you are:

  • a PhD student;
  • resitting an exam or have previously resat an exam;
  • upgrading on integrated course, eg from an integrated BEng to MEng, or integrated MPhil to PhD.
  • repeating a module/year of study or have previously repeated a module/year of study.  
    • If you are offered a supplementary year, please be aware that you must be taking at least one unit in each teaching block and that unit must be: 

    1. the unit that was previously failed; or  

    2. if that unit is no longer offered, an appropriate replacement unit for the original unit

    If you have a teaching block where you are not required to take any modules, the University is required to notify the UKVI as you will not be studying for more than 60 days. This means that the UKVI will cancel your visa and you will have to leave the UK. Please read the Student Visa Services information about Exams Only status.  Please also see Supplementary year webpage for further information.

When to apply

If you are applying inside the UK, you must do so before your current visa expires. Speak to a Student Visa Adviser to work out the best time to make your application. 

Extending your visa for a new course

To be eligible to apply in the UK you must meet the UKVI Academic Progression requirements. Please visit our Academic Progression webpage for further information. 

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