Extending your studies

Extending your visa for your current course

You may need to extend your visa to complete your studies.

  • Speak to your Faculty/School to find out if it is possible to extend your studies.
  • Changes to your student status will affect your immigration status.
  • If the Faculty/School are happy for you to continue your studies, you will need to take an extension form to a drop-in session to be signed by a Student Visa Adviser.
  • Our advisers will tell you if you are eligible to extend your visa to stay in the UK to complete your studies.
  • The form will confirm you have had immigration advice before extending your studies.

Where to apply

You can only extend your Tier 4 visa within the UK if you are:

  • a PhD student;
  • repeating a year of study or have previously repeated a year of study;
  • upgrading on integrated course, eg from an integrated BEng to MEng, or integrated MPhil to PhD.

Extending your visa for a new course

There must be less than one month between your current visa end date and your new course start date.

Where to apply

You can only extend your Tier 4 visa within the UK if you are:

Starting a new course at a higher academic level

This is likely when you are:

  • moving from A-level study at an independent school to an undergraduate course at university;
  • moving from an undergraduate course to a postgraduate programme.

You must have completed and received your results from your previous course.

Starting a new course at the same level as your previous course

  • the new course relates to your previous course;
  • your previous and new course combined support your career aspirations.

You must have completed your previous course and achieved the qualification for which you were studying.

When to apply

You must apply for your visa in the 3 months before your new course starts.

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