Brexit and EU students

This information is for current and prospective EU students.

Current EU students travelling back to the UK after the UK leaves the EU

If you are an EU national travelling back into the UK to continue your studies after the UK leaves the EU and you have not been granted EU settlement, it is advisable to carry a student status letter from your Faculty or School office as evidence that you were residing in the UK before the UK left the EU.

EU Settlement Scheme for EU nationals living in the UK before the UK leaves the EU

For those wishing to seek settled status in the UK, the Government has confirmed in its policy paper on citizens' rights that the EU Settlement Scheme will continue to be implemented, enabling EU citizens and their family members living in the UK before the UK leaves the EU to secure their status and continue to be able to work, study, and access benefits and services in the UK on the same basis after the UK exits the EU as they do now.

The EU Settlement Scheme opened fully on 30 March 2019. Please be aware that the deadline for applying for EU settlement is 30 June 2021, or 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

If you wish to apply for EU settlement, the Student Information Service can help and advise - come to see them at the front desk on the ground floor of 5 Tyndall Avenue.

Immigration information for EU students 

If you are already a student at the University of Bristol or you are planning to come to study at the University, please see the UKCISA information for details on the implications of Brexit. The implications depend on when you arrived, or will arrive, in the UK. There are also details of how you will be affected in a deal or no deal scenario.

Further information

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