Visa information for pre-sessional students

These webpages are designed to guide pre-sessional students on the visa requirements and timelines. For general information on the pre-sessional courses offered in 2024 please refer to the pre-sessional course information webpages.

Both the 6-week and the 10-week programme can be taken online or on campus, and the visa process will depend on your chosen mode of study. The expectation is that you will only have a UK visa if you study on campus. If you are studying the course online, you will need to prepare for the visa application for your undergraduate or postgraduate programme in advance: please visit the section called "Visa application after the pre-sessional course". 

If you decide to take the course in person, you will need to apply for and obtain a Student visa before coming to the UK. Please visit the relevant course section from the menu below. It is important to allow sufficient time for this as you will need to be in the UK by the time the course starts.

Some students will be eligible for a combined CAS for both the pre-sessional and their undergraduate or postgraduate course. This will depend on whether or not you have met the academic conditions of your offer by the time the CAS is issued and also on the progress you need to make to meet the English language condition. If you are eligible a combined CAS will be issued by default, but you can request a single CAS if you prefer this option. For further information please visit the "Combined CAS" section of the website. 

If you are already in the UK, please contact Student Visa Advisers for guidance on your specific situation. 

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