The Wolfson Bioimaging Facility has 6 widefield microscopes offering routine fluorescence and transmitted light imaging alongside advanced applications including ratiometric analysis (e.g. FRET, calcium imaging), multi-well imaging and deconvolution

In widefield microscopy cameras are used to capture images equivalent to the view down the microscope eyepieces. When the additional features of more advanced imaging techniques such as CLSM (e.g. improved axial resolution and region of interest scanning) are not essential, use of widefield microscopes should be considered as they are easier, quicker and cheaper.


All our widefields (except widefield 4) have:

  • inverted microscopes with some DIC and phase contrast lenses
  • sensitive monochrome cameras
  • incubators for temperature control
  • CO2 enrichment if required for live cell imaging.

Widefield 1 has a DV2 Multichannel imaging system which allows simultaneous capture of CFP and YFP or GPF and mCherry.

Widefield systems 2, 5, 6, and 7 all have motorised stages for multi-site imaging.

Widefield systems 4 and 5 both have colour CCD cameras (Widefield 5 also has a monochrome CCD camera on a separate port).

Widefield systems 5, 6 and 7 have adaptive focus control to correct for focus drift during time-lapse imaging.


System name and detailsRoomFurther information

Widefield 1

Only widefield system that allows rapid switching of both excitation and emission wavelengths for flexible and rapid live cell imaging.

Now has DV2 Multichannel imaging system which allows simultaneous capture of CFP and YFP or GPF and mCherry.

It has two cameras - one more sensitive and one with larger field of view.


Widefield 1 technical specifications (PDF, 459kB)

User guide (PDF, 1,079kB)

Widefield 2

Volocity acquisition system, now with DMIRBE microscope.

 B10A Widefield 2 technical specifications (PDF, 318kB)

Widefield 4

Now an inverted microscope with colour CCD camera for imaging histological and histochemical specimens and simple fluorescence imaging of fixed specimens.


Widefield 4 technical specifications (PDF, 314kB)

Technical note about using the colour camera (PDF, 222kB)

Widefield 5

Easy system to use for either multi-colour imaging of fixed specimen or time-course imaging. Now additionally has a colour camera on a separate port for imaging histological samples. 

B10A Widefield 5 technical specifications (PDF, 133kB)

Widefield 6

Easy system to use for either multi-colour imaging of fixed specimen or time-course imaging

B10A Widefield 6 technical specifications (PDF, 93kB)

Widefield 7

Is equipped with our most sensitive and largest field of view cameras and its use is largely reserved for microfluidics-based projects within Bristol’s Synthetic Biology centre.

C40A Widefield 7 technical specifications (PDF, 370kB)

Zeiss Z.1 lightsheet system 


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