Image analysis

The Wolfson Bioimaging Facility promotes quantitative microscopy across all imaging modes by providing access and support for advanced image processing and analysis.

Facility support staff offer one-to-one assistance and training with a range of commercial software packages and freeware. These are all available on workstations (PDF, 1,507kB) in the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility’s data analysis suite (room C27/U), while some can also be downloaded on any PC.  A dedicated EM analysis PC comes equipped with a touch-sensitive monitor for direct annotation/curation of models.

Free half-day workshops are held regularly to help researchers get started with ImageJ/Fiji, explore ImageJ/Fiji macro writing in more detail and learn to construct analyses with CellProfiler. See the schedule for the next image analysis courses.

Researchers requiring advanced LM analysis can request assistance with development of custom tools by contacting the LM team and/or completing a request form on PPMS

Assistance with advanced EM analysis can be requested by contacting the EM team and/or completing a request form on PPMS.

A list of the most widely used and supported programmes with the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility can be found below:

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