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Full list of equipment
System name and detailsModelSoftware modulesRoomFurther information
Confocal 5
Multi-laser CLSM
Leica SP5

Matrix Screener


Confocal 5 technical specifications (PDF, 179kB)

User guide (PDF, 726kB)Confocal tutorial

Confocal 6
Spinning disk microscope
Perkin Elmer

Confocal 6 technical specifications (PDF, 184kB) ‌

User guide (PDF, 1,347kB)

Introduction to spinning disk confocal microscopy

Confocal 7
Multi-laser CLSM
Leica SP5II

Live Data Mode
Matrix Screener


Confocal 7 technical specifications (PDF, 183kB)

User guide (PDF, 726kB)Confocal tutorial

Confocal 8
Multi-laser CLSM – optimised for live organism imaging
Leica SP5II

Live Data Mode


Confocal 8 technical specifications (PDF, 185kB)

User guide (PDF, 854kB)Confocal tutorial

Confocal 9
Multi-laser CLSM – optimised for live cell imaging
Leica SP8

Live Data Mode
Matrix Screener


Confocal 9 technical specifications (PDF, 187kB)

Confocal tutorial

Confocal 10
Entry level multi-laser CLSM.No motorised stage or incubator.
Leica SPE FRAP, 3D C29

Confocal 10 technical specifications (PDF, 178kB)

Confocal tutorial

Confocal 11
Multi-laser CLSM – optimised for live cell imaging

Leica SP8  3D C35 Confocal 11 technical specifications (PDF, 154kB)

Confocal LSB
Multi-laser CLSM located in the Life Sciences Building

Leica SP5   LSB Confocal LSB technical specifications (PDF, 179kB)
Upright CLSM/MP system with Spectra Physics DeepSee laser
Leica SP8

Live Data Mode


Multiphoton technical specifications (PDF, 242kB)

User guide (PDF, 2,325kB)

CLSM with tuneable and pulsed white light laser, 592 and 660nm depletion lasers and single molecule detection
Leica SP8X



STED/FLIM/FCS technical specifications (PDF, 179kB)

STED tutorial, FLIM tutorials, FCS tutorial

Opera LX HCS system
Automated multi-well imaging of live or fixed cells for phenotypic profiling. 3-laser spinning disk system.

    B10C  HCS technical specifications (PDF, 63kB)
Zeiss Z.1 lightsheet system      B10C

Lightsheet technical specifications (PDF, 94kB)

Further details

4-laser Total Internal Reflectance Fluorescent microscope
Leica TIRF MC   B9A

TIRF technical specifications (PDF, 321kB)

User guide (PDF, 610kB)T‌IRF tutorial

WFM with motorised stage, deconvolution and cell tracking. 

Olympus IX71  SoftWoRx B10a Deltavision technical specifications (PDF, 90kB)

Widefield 1
Dual camera system with fast excitation and emission wavelength and focus control

Now has DV2 Multichannel imaging system which allows simultaneous capture of CFP and YFP or GPF and mCherry.

Metamorph, Sutter DG5 etc...

Widefield 1 technical specifications (PDF, 279kB)

User guide (PDF, 1,079kB)

Widefield 2
WFM with motorised stage, Hamamatsu camera.

(Currently not available)

Leica DMIRB,
Volocity, Prior stage etc...
   B10A Widefield 2 technical specifications (PDF, 176kB)
Widefield 4
Inverted microscope with colour CCD camera and no incubator
Leica DMIRB   C35 Widefield 4 technical specifications (PDF, 173kB)

Widefield 5
WFM with motorised stage, adaptive focus control, Leica DFC365FX and  DFC420C colour camera
Leica DMI6000,
Leica LASX
  B10A Widefield 5 technical specifications (PDF, 202kB)
Widefield 6
WFM with motorised stage, adaptive focus control, Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS camera
Leica DMI6000,
Leica LASX
 Live Data Mode B10A Widefield 6 technical specifications (PDF, 152kB)
Widefield 7
WFM with motorised stage, adaptive focus control, Andor EMCCD and sCMOS cameras
Leica DMi8,
Leica LASX
  C40A  Widefield 7 technical specifications (PDF, 214kB)

IncuCyte Zoom

Automated multi-site live cell imaging in phase contrast and fluorescence modes, multiple vessels, long-term imaging and high content analysis.

     C40 Incucyte Zoom technical specifications (PDF, 193kB)

Tecnai 12

FEI 120kV BioTwin Spirit Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

    C33  Further details

Tecnai 20

FEI 200kV Twin Lens Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)

    C38A  Further details

Quanta 200

FEI Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

    B8  Further details

Evo 15

Zeiss Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) located in the Life Sciences Building 

     LG44  Further details


Zeiss Gemini SEM 450/ Gatan 3View

High Pressure Freezer       Leica EMPACT2 + RTS.
Freeze Substitution       Leica AFS2 + FSP Leica AFS
Cryoultramicrotome       Leica EM UC7 with FC7 Cryo attachment
Ultramicrotomes       Leica EM UC6, Leica EM UC7 with IC80HD camera, Reichert Ultracut S.
Preparation Equipment       Most sample preparation can be done in the Unit including freeze drying, critical point drying and coating.
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