Electron microscopy

The Facility houses a suite of electron microscopes covering a range of capabilities, including delivering high contrast images from biological material, cyro and electron tomography experiments, and a scanning electron microscope offering high and low vacuum, and environmental modes.


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Plunge Freezers

The facility houses both a FEI Vitrobot™ Mark IV and a Leica GP. Both are fully automated vitrification devices for plunge-freezing of aqueous (colloidal) suspensions.

The frozen specimens can then be analysed in the microscope using a Gatan CryoTransfer Specimen holder.

High Pressure Freezer Leica EMPACT2 + RTS.
Freeze Substitution Leica AFS2 + FSP Leica AFS
Cryoultramicrotome Leica EM UC7 with FC7 Cryo attachment
Ultramicrotomes Leica EM UC6, Leica EM UC7 with IC80HD camera, Reichert Ultracut S.
Preparation Equipment

Most sample preparation can be done in the Unit including critical point drying and coating.

More information and access

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