Year 2

These pages are for GP teachers. If you are interested in studying medicine at Bristol, please see details of our MB ChB Medicine course.

Introduction to clinical skills element

In Year 2 students have four clinical half weeks spread throughout the academic year. Each week addresses a different system; week 1 – cardio-vascular, week 2 - respiratory, week 3 – gastrointestinal/renal, week 4 - neurology. For each system students have one session in General Practice.

In each of these clinical half weeks students will have a session in General Practice and will be taught clinical skills by their GP teachers.

Students will have a four week clinical block at the end of Year 2 called LITHE (Learning in the Hospital Environment). At present no GP teaching is timetabled for those weeks.


To develop students' clinical skills and knowledge in history taking, physical examination and communication.


By the end of the GP attachment students will have:

  • Taken, recorded and presented a relevant history from a patient with symptoms relating to cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal and neurological systems, using a range of communication skills.
  • Examined a patient and elicited, demonstrated and interpreted common physical signs in these systems.
  • Gained a holistic understanding of the causation and effects of diseases through practicing and reflecting on the integration of physical, social and psychological factors.

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Our GP gave us lots of useful tips for history and examination. We were able to choose what we wanted to focus on. The patients chosen to come in were great. We saw a wide range of things. He was very encouraging and I wasn't afraid to get something wrong and he believed in us!

Bristol Medical Student
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