Prizes and Bursaries

Prizes and Bursaries for Students

The Centre for Academic Primary Care offers a number of different prizes relating to undergraduates and their teaching.  For further information on any of these prizes, contact Primary Care Teaching Office via 

Year 4 students

The prize for Excellence in Primary Care is awarded at the end of the year to the students who have demonstrated the greatest aptitude for Primary Health Care whilst studying COMP2. The prize is usually worth £100.

BHMA Student Essay prize

This is offered by the BHMA, closing date 31 March 2018. Further information is on the BHMA Essay flyer 2018 (PDF, 240kB)‌.

Elective prizes

The Nathan Burton Prize in Primary Care is worth £250 and is available each year for one student who would like to study Primary Care during their elective period. To apply for this prize please contact Dr Juliet Brown (SSC lead). The successful candidate must submit a report of their elective. If you wish to apply for this, please complete the Nathan Burton prize application form (Office document, 37kB).  

The Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) also has an elective prize for medical students, worth £500. To apply for this prize please complete their RCGP elective prize application form (Office document, 95kB). You can also find more information about this prize at


Primary Care offers bursaries to attend conferences.  To apply for up to £400 as support to attend the RCGP or SAPC conferences, please complete the Conference Bursary Application form (Office document, 12kB).

Prizes for GPs

In addition to prizes for students, students are asked to nominate prizes for GP teachers.  These GP teachers teach students in their practice across the South West.  These GPs invest a lot of time and enthusiasm in their teaching and we want to reward them for this. Therefore each year we give 6 awards to our GP teachers.  There is an award for the best teacher of each year as well as the best supervisor of an external student selected component (SSC).  Students are asked to nominate GPs by completing a brief online survey which we make available each year.  The recipient of each award will be the GP with the most positive student nominations.

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