Student Wellbeing

This page is for GP teachers who wish to find out more information about student wellbeing. If you are a student, please visit the university student wellbeing page.

From time to time GP teachers will be confronted with students who cause them concern. Things that might be a cause of concern: 

  • Professional behaviour and attitude e.g. Rude to peers, patients, teachers or staff
  • Inappropriate dress, consistently late or unprepared or not contributing to group discussions/group activities.
  • Pastoral e.g. GP teacher becomes aware of a mental health or family issue that is impacting on the student’s ability to study.
  • Safety e.g. A patient or colleague has been put at risk by a student’s actions 
  • Clinical knowledge/skills e.g. The GP teacher considers that the student does not have the expected level of clinical knowledge or skills (including communication skills) for their stage.
  • Poor attendance

What should you do if a student presents in this way?

  • Discuss your concerns with the student
  • Discuss the case with the GP element lead or GP academy lead.
  • You are likely to be asked to put your concerns and an outline of your discussion in writing in a student concern form and this will be forwarded to the Academy Dean who can arrange to see the student and work out the best way of accessing support in the Academy for that particular student.
  • Signpost the student to the University Student Wellbeing page

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust provides six short video modules if you would like to find out more about supporting students in difficulty.

Exploring stress levels and coping strategies in the medical profession Image credit: Laura Connolly, Year 1 Medical Student

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