Teaching Packages

This page gives you more information about the teaching packages that we offer. We have two packages - the Early Years Package and the Apprenticeship Package.

Early Years Teaching Package

  • Love teaching? 
  • Based in a practice in or around Bristol?
  • Interested in a regular University term-time teaching session on a Thursday in your practice? (some sessions may fall on school half term weeks)

Then an Early Years Teaching Package could be for you! This package involves teaching groups of year 1 and 2 students in your practice.

There are two options. Gold Early Years Teacher - 20 term time sessions, and Silver Early Years Teacher – 14 term time sessions. 

More information on the Early Years Package.

Apprenticeship Package

This package has been designed for a practice, or individual GP, that wishes to take on regular teaching in years 4 and 5 of the MB16 undergraduate curriculum. It has been designed to provide a guaranteed teaching income for a period of two years to a practice.

This package includes x4 fourth year students who come for a 4 week period as a single student, on four different dates in the year. It also includes x2 pairs of fifth year students who come to the practice for a 4 week period as a pair of students for two consecutive four week blocks. In total, this means that there will be a student, or pair of students, in the practice for x6 four week blocks. These placements will not overlap with each other.

More information on the Apprenticeship Package.

Dementia and the sense of self Image credit: Sarah Burge, Year 1 Medical Student

For more images of medical student artwork, visit Out of Our Heads

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