Year 3 MB21

This page provides more information about GP teaching in Year 3 MB21 which will be starting in September 2019

In year 3, students have 16 days in general practice on Tuesdays. This placement consists of two blocks, each of eight whole days in a practice. Each day in practice is themed, linking closely with student’s learning in secondary care. At the end of each placement, students will take part in a ’simulated surgery’ at the local academy, facilitated by the GP.


1st October 2019: If you are interested to look a the self direceted learning that the students will be doing, all 3P material is now available here as well as the tutor guide for the academy day in January.

17th September 2019: The big day! The official launch of GP3. We hope you and your students enjoyed the session today. We will continue to update the website with the latest information and will continue to send out emails a couple of weeks before each session with any updates and the workshop plan.

10th September 2019: Thank you very much to all 46 people who attended the Bristol Year 3 GP Teacher workshop today. There was a real buzz and it was great to see so many enthusiastic teachers. Below are copies of some documents that you may find useful. We will be sending out an email and the workshop guide 15 days before each teaching session.



*‌Sessions 1 and 5 are both home visits.‌


Academy Day

How the placement works

Each day in practice is split into a workshop in the morning with 6 students, facilitated by the GP teacher. In the afternoon, two students take part in a teaching surgery and the other four students undertake their People, Populations and Practices (PPP) project.


Each workshop is themed and has a detailed tutorial guide. As part of each workshop, we would expect you to bring at least one patient in relevant to that day’s theme.

Teaching surgery

Two students will join you for the teaching surgery. These should be unselected patients and an opportunity for the students to practice their consultation skills. We would like each student to consult a minimum of two times during each surgery so suggest x4 30 minutes appointments.

Academy Day

On the final day of each block, students will take part in a simulated surgery at the academy. The GP tutors will help facilitate the session. After lunch there will be a series of brief student presentations on their PPP projects.

People, Practices and Populations (3P)

The four students who aren’t doing the teaching surgery will be doing 3P. We would like you to select one patient per pair of students for them follow. They will visit at the start and end of the placement and in the time between will need access to two computers to review the patient records and access online teaching resources as pairs.

Payment and packages

For teaching one block, the payment is £600 per day (£4,800 for the 8 day block). If your practice signs up to our Year 3 Teaching Package to deliver all 16 days (both Block A and B), the payment is £650 per day (£10,400 per placement). Different GPs can supervise Blocks A and B.

Teaching dates

Block A
Week Date Topic
1 17.9.19 Cardiovascular
2 1.10.19 Gastrointestinal 1
3 15.10.19 Neurology
29.10.19  Renal
12.11.19 Musculoskeletal 1 
6 26.11.19  Opthalmology and ENT 
10.12.19 Emergencies in General Practice 
8  7.1.20 Academy Day 


Block B

Week Date Topic
9 28.1.20 Respiratory
10 11.2.20 Gastrointestinal 2
11 25.2.20 Urology
12 10.3.20 Musculoskeletal 2
13 24.3.20 Dermatology
14 21.4.20 Gynaecology and Breast
15 05.5.20 Endocrine
16 19.5.20 Academy Day 

Frequently asked questions

Can more than one GP deliver the teaching? Yes, although we would prefer no more than two regular teachers per block.

Can I change the timings of the day? You can arrange this with the students. They must still receive a three hour workshop and further three hours of teaching surgery and check-in/out.

If I have a GP trainee, can they help? Yes, we are inviting GP trainees to help facilitate the simulated surgery. They could also facilitate the morning workshops for one block.

Will material for the workshop be provided? Yes, we will provide detailed material for running the workshop. Think of it as following a recipe, but feel free to innovate if you have your own ideas!

When do we get paid? Payment is retrospective – we will send out attendance and payment forms prior to the last session of the block. On receipt of these, we will pay the practice. This is the same as our teaching in all other years.

Are the students DBS checked? Yes, the year 3 students have all been DBS checked.

Have the students had information governance training? Yes, the students have had training on the importance of confidentiality and the management of patient identifiable data (PID)



Additional helpful resources

If a patient cancels and you find yourself needing some additional teaching resources, we recommend role playing some of these vignettes from the Bradfort and Pennine VTS training websites.





Year 3 Key Facts

  • Tuesdays
  • 6 Students per group
  • 16 days over the year split into two, eight day blocks
  • £600-650 per day
Year 3 Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 1,106kB)
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