Delay public access to your dissertation (thesis)

How to request the library to delay public access to a part or all of your dissertation.

You may request to delay the public release of your dissertation. The library provides guidance on potential reasons for making a request.

You still have to upload your dissertation to the library even if you want to or have approval to deferral.

A deferral means that the library will hold back your entire dissertation from public access for an approved period.

A partial deferral (or redactions) is when the library holds back specific parts of the dissertation for an approved period and the rest will be publicly available.

Deferral and redaction requests are governed by the public access to dissertations in Sections 9.2.5 and 9.6.2 on the PGR code.

Request to delay (defer) access

  1. Discuss deferral requests (including where redactions are required) with your main supervisor.
  2. Complete the request to defer access or redact information form (Document, 37kB).

If there are contractual, security or safety obligations, the main supervisor can make the request directly.

Extend the deferral period

If a deferral has been granted, you can request an extension by completing the Request to extend a deferral or redaction period (document, 31kB) form.

You, as the (former) student, the main supervisor or (if relevant) the sponsor may make a request for an extension.

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