Sometimes postgraduate research students may need to take leave or be absent from studies. Find out what this means for you.

Absence from study

Doing a research degree is a rewarding process, but circumstances sometimes mean you may need to take a period of absence. Absences may include:

It is important that you follow the University's policies and Postgraduate Research (PGR) code when managing any absence.

Funded students will also need to consider the regulations and stipend entitlements of their funding provider. Full details are available in the Absence payments for postgraduate research students (PDF, 122kB).

How to request an absence

If you think that an absence is required then you should discuss this with your supervisor/s or your School PGR Director. They will be able to help you make an informed decision and help you consider any other support that may be suitable.

Where an absence requires a suspension of study, this should be requested following the Suspend your studies guidance. 

Absence entitlements and funding

All students are entitled to take leave or absence. Your student status will impact whether this is funded and your ability to take it. For more information, refer to the option that best reflects your situation.

Annual leave

All research students should take annual leave from their studies.

In exceptional circumstances, you can take short-term absences. The length and circumstances that may make you eligible are in the short-term absences policy.

Exceptional short-term absences

Understand the circumstances that may make you eligible for a short-term absence.

Absence and stipend payments policy

Our policy provides information about Absence payments for postgraduate research students (PDF, 122kB).

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