Rows of students in their graduation gowns.

Your graduation

A time-honoured ceremony and a chance to celebrate your time at university. Find out everything you need to know for your special day.

Checklist for your ceremony

Before the day

Everything you need to do before your graduation, including:

  • Registration
  • Hiring your gown
  • Ticket information.

On the day

Find out what to expect, including:

  • how to get to graduation
  • timetables
  • how the ceremony works 
  • photography and merchandise.


Find out more about:

  • when you will get your certificate
  • replacement certificates
  • asking for a transcript or verification.

Watch online

If you want to see someone graduate, but you can't make the day, you can watch ceremonies live online.

Ceremony dates

Look up the dates for our graduation ceremonies. Including:

  • July ceremony dates
  • February ceremony dates

Checklist for your ceremony

Use our checklist to help you prepare for your graduation ceremony.

After you graduate

Graduation is just the start, discover how you can:

  • stay connected with our Alumni network
  • get support and advice from our Careers service.

China celebration

If you live in China, you can attend a graduation celebration in China.

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