Mental health services

We have a variety of services available to support students who are experiencing mental health problems. We work closely with a range of other services and can help direct you to the help and support you need.

Services available at the Students’ Health Service:

  • Routine appointments if you are worried about your mental health or that of a friend.
  • 20 min Same day appointments if it is an urgent issue. We are unique in that we offer same day, 20 minute mental health appointments. These are to support students with new or worsening mental health. You will be seen by the duty doctor. These are not for medication reviews or for a routine review of ongoing mental health problems.
  • The University has a lot of support for students including wellbeing support, counselling and a well researched self-help section with some of the best websites, videos, charities, blogs, podcasts and Apps for you. Find out more on the Health and Wellbeing pages

Eating disorders

If you are having problems with food, or worries about your body shape/weight and feel as if they are taking over, you don’t have to deal with it on your own. There are lots of sources of help and support.If you have an eating disorder you are not alone. Many Bristol students - male and female - seek help, support and advice because they have a problem with food. It is common to feel that you must not have a proper eating disorder because you are still coping on some level, but untreated eating disorders can cause problems with low mood, anxiety, sleep , concentration, recovery from illness or injury and can even be dangerous for your heart, your bones and your fertility.  Whether you want to find out more, get some treatment, or just talk to someone who understands: you have options. Even if you are not sure whether you want anything to change right now, come and talk to us about those options and we can support you.

If you think you need different wellbeing support

If you don't think this is the right support for you, find out where else you can get help

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