You can get advice and prescriptions for contraception in a routine appointment with our practice nurses. You do not need to see a doctor. 

Contraception, what are my choices?

You may already have contraception prescribed by your home doctor. You will need to see one of our nurses for this to be reviewed and placed on prescription for you here at student health. Please do not wait until your prescription has run out as a same day prescription may not always be available.

Nurses at student health are trained to discuss your contraception choices. Please book in with our nurses to help you choose the right contraception for you. This website is a helpful way of you choosing the right contraception. Contraception help and advice from the FPA.

LARC - Long Acting Reversible Contraception

If you are considering a coil (IUD/Intrauterine Device) make a pre-fit counselling appointment with Dr Goodfellow, Dr Grant, Dr Mobbs, Dr Rumble or Dr Murray - contact reception.

If you are considering a contraceptive implant (Nexplanon) make a pre-fit counselling appointment with Dr Mobbs, Dr Grant, Dr Rumble, Dr Murray, Nurse Windatt or Nurse Gaudion - contact reception.

LARC information from the FPA.

Emergency contraception

If you need emergency contraception it is important you are seen as soon as possible as it is more effective if taken within 24 hours.

  • Make an appointment with your a nurse or doctor - please let reception staff know that you need to be seen the same day/urgently.
  • Go to a walk-in centre.
  • Go to your local sexual health centre.
  • You can get the emergency contraceptive pill over the counter from your local pharmacy. Many pharmacies will supply it free of charge if you are under 25.


If you are under 25 you can get free condoms from a number of local services with Bristol’s c-card scheme. The nearest location to Students' Health Service that you can get a c-card and collect free condoms is Boots at Clifton Down. A full list of local services can be found on the 4yp website.

Unplanned pregnancy

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and wish to discuss your options then please book an appointment with a doctor.

If you wish to seek a termination of pregnancy (abortion) you can self refer to the local service here in Bristol.

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