Information for parents and carers of registered patients

Having your son or daughter move away to University can be worrying, especially if they already have established healthcare needs. Here are some frequently asked questions. 

My son/daughter has an ongoing medical condition.  Should he/she stay registered at his home GP practice?

We always recommend registering with our practice. We can refer new partients to our local out-patient departments in Bristol hospitals. Please ask your son/daughter/ to bring their most recent clinic letters with them and book a routine appointment with one of our doctors when they arrive in Bristol. 

What should my son/daughter do about repeat medication?

Please ask your son/daughter to book a routine appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss their medication.  Please ensure that they have sufficient medication with them when they arrive in Bristol to keep them going until they have an appointment. 

Can I speak to Students’ Health about my son/daughter’s medical problems?

Now that your son/daughter is an adult we are unable to discuss any medical issue with you without their consent. However, many students choose to allow their family to discuss their medical issues.They need to confirm this in writing with our office when they register or when they talk to a GP, and we will put it on their records. Otherwise, you can always contact us to let us know important information, even if we can't divulge information to you. 

How does my son/daughter arrange their medication needs over the university vacation periods.

We can supply medication over the holidays and can send electronic prescriptions on-line to most UK locations except Wales and Northern Ireland.

My son/daughter is taking medication for their ADHD.  Will they be able to get this medication from the Students’ Health Service?

We are only legally able to prescribe this medication under the supervision of our local ADHD service and referrals to this service take time, so your son or daughter should come to Bristol with enough ADHD medication for the first few months. Please also make sure that they bring any documents confirming their diagnosis from their home Consultant as this will speed up the process of them being seen by our service in Bristol.  Once registered with us and referred to and accepted by the local team we should be able to continue the prescriptions. 

I am studying at University of Bristol and I have dependents living with me.  Can I register my family at Students’ Health Service?

You can register your partner and dependent children but you have to come in person to do this. You cannot register them on line.  

I have concerns about my son/daughter’s healthcare.  What should I do? 

If you have concerns, you can let us know via and this information will be forwarded to their usual GP to make them aware. Please note however, that the GP will not be able to provide a response unless your son or daughter has given their consent for us to discuss their medical care with you.

What additional support is available at the University of Bristol beyond the health/GP service?

You can access further information on the support available via the student wellbeing service. If you wish to speak to the University directly about a son/daughter then please see this information.

I wish to let the doctors know something about my child’s health?

You can send an email to our confidential email address: Please note that we cannot respond directly to questions without the consent of the patient.

HappyMaps: Support for parents of students with mental health problems

Looking for some advice and support for mental health issues in young adults ? One of our GPs, Dr. Jasmin Krischer, has developed this NHS-funded website for parents, signposting you to reliable and up-to-date sources of advice and support with a section for students and their parents.Click here to take a look

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