Student Wellbeing Service

We are here to support all students. We are a friendly and approachable team who provide non-clinical advice and help coordinate the right support for you.

Contact us

Find out how to contact the central Student Wellbeing Service team, or how to visit your Faculty wellbeing advisers.

What we do

We are open to all students and offer professional help and guidance if you are experiencing challenges, or want some extra support.

We are your first point of contact and will ensure you get the right help from the right people.

Each academic school has a team of Student Wellbeing Advisers. We also have a central team of of advisers.

How we can help

  • Come to us if you are feeling worried or upset about anything.
  • We will listen to you and help plan and problem-solve with you.
  • We can coordinate the right support for you. We'll put you in touch with specialist services who can offer you specific support that is right for you.
  • If you are concerned about someone else, come to us for help and advice.

Things we can't help with

We are not a crisis service. We are also not a 24/7 service. Find out how to get help in an emergency or mental health crisis.

We do not offer clinical or medical health services, or counsellling. If you need these services, contact either our Students' Health Service or Student Counselling Service.

Contact us

To make an appointment, visit your school office or get in touch with us.

*All calls are recorded and kept for up to 12 months so we can support you effectively.

If you think you need different wellbeing support

If you don't think this is the right support for you, find out where else you can get help

Contact us anonymously

Bullying, sexual harassment, assault and discrimination are not acceptable.

Use our Report and Support tool to tell us

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