Request wellbeing support

If you're feeling anxious, lonely or worried, or you are concerned about someone else, contact us so we can identify the best support for you.

When to use this form

Complete the Request Wellbeing Support form to let us know what is worrying you. We will connect you to the right support or service.

This may be our Student Wellbeing Service, Residential Life team, Student Counselling Service or Disability Services team, depending on what help you need. Find out more about our mental health and wellbeing services.

Parents, friends and others can also use this form to let us know about a student they are worried about. Find out more about helping someone else.

When not to use this form

Do not use this form

Request Wellbeing Support form

If you are outside the UK, please tell us on the request form, when you email or telephone.

What happens after you have submitted your form

  1. You will receive a confirmation email
  2. We will use the information you have provided to connect you to the right support or service.
  3. If your situation changes, call our advisers +44 (0)117 456 9860 who will add this additional information to your form for the team to review

Self-help resources

We have put together a list of useful sources of support and advice, which might be a helpful place to start.

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