Centre for Multilevel Modelling (CMM)

The Centre for Multilevel Modelling has been at the forefront of the development and dissemination of multilevel modelling since the 1980s and has established a world-wide reputation in this area. Multilevel modelling is now a very widely used method in quantitative social science research for analysing multilevel, longitudinal, and other data with complex hierarchical structures.

CMM’s research agenda is comprised of six interrelated strands.

  • We develop statistical methodology for multilevel and related models including approaches for missing data, measurement error and data linkage.
  • We implement these methodological developments in our user-friendly statistical software: MLwiN and Stat-JR (over 20,000 users worldwide).
  • We disseminate our methodological innovations and software via face-to-face workshops and via LEMMA, our free online and interactive training course (over 30,000 users worldwide).
  • We apply our methods and software to cutting edge research and policy problems in education, including school league tables and value-added performance measures, and SES achievement gaps and cross-country comparisons.
  • We collaborate with colleagues across the University (especially in geography, veterinary science and social medicine) and beyond to add advanced statistical expertise to grant proposals and research projects across a wide range of social natural and medical science disciplines.
  • We develop software-based solutions to addressing the UK quantitative skills gap at undergraduate level by producing tools to automate repetitive statistical workflows and to automate the generation of teaching materials that can be customised to different subject disciplines.

Further details on all these areas can be found on our main external facing website.

CMM centre members

Within the SoE, the centre hosts monthly team and research meetings for centre members to discuss day to day business, grant applications, papers, seminars, and other aspects of research. At research meetings, centre members can present an idea, proposal, plans or drafts for a paper, and get feedback from other members. Our members contribute to the Bristol Conversations in Education seminar series, and host external speakers.

Our team consists of an established set of academics who regularly lead grant-funded research projects, publish in top international journals, promote their work at national and international conferences, and carry out various advisory and other impact work. We also have an active cohort of PhD students who we support and develop.

CMM Events

Recent and upcoming external-facing CMM events

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