The Centre for Multilevel Modelling (CMM) is a research centre based at the University of Bristol. Our researchers are drawn from the Graduate School of Education, Bristol Veterinary School and School of Geographical Sciences. Multilevel Modelling is a University Research Theme. We collaborate with a range of researchers working with multilevel models.

Multilevel Modelling is one of the basic techniques used in quantitative social science research for modelling data with complex hierarchical structures. The Multilevel Modelling research theme focuses on producing new statistical methods for tackling research questions, developing new software for implementing this methodology and disseminating these techniques to the national and international social science community.


We develop new statistical methodology, implemented in software to address unsolved issues in quantitative modelling of social processes.



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Learning materials from previous workshops.

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The Centre for Multilevel Modelling's own software enables quantitative social science researchers to become effective multilevel modelling practitioners.


Stat-JR is a software environment for promoting interactive complex statistical modelling. It is designed to make it easy to analyse large and/or complex datasets, learn statistical methods and develop new statistical methodologies.