Centre for multilevel modelling team

Academic Staff

NamePosition/Research InterestsTelephoneEmailPhoto
Prof Bill Browne Director - Centre for Multilevel Modelling, Professor of Statistics

+44 (0)117 3314350

william.browne@bristol.ac.uk Bill Browne
Prof Kelvyn Jones Deputy-Director - Centre for Multilevel Modelling, Professor of Human Quantitative Geography +44 (0)117 9287509 kelvyn.jones@bristol.ac.uk Kelvyn Jones
Mr Christopher Charlton Senior Software Engineer +44 (0)117 3314265 c.charlton@bristol.ac.uk Chris Charlton
Dr Robert French Research Associate +44 (0)117 3314373 r.french@bristol.ac.uk Robert French
Prof Harvey Goldstein, FBA Professor of Social Statistics +44 (0)117 3314249 h.goldstein@bristol.ac.uk Prof Harvey Goldstein
Dr George Leckie Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics +44 (0)117 3314215 g.leckie@bristol.ac.uk George Leckie
Dr Richard Parker Research Associate +44 (0)117 3314485 richard.parker@bristol.ac.uk Richard Parker
Dr Elizabeth Washbrook Lecturer in Quantitative Methods for Education
+44 (0)117 3314328 liz.washbrook@bristol.ac.uk Liz Washbrook

Research Students

NamePosition/Research InterestsTelephoneEmailPhoto
Dr Andrew Bell Research Student     Andy Bell
Dr Guanpeng Dong Research Student     Guanpeng Dong
Mr Mark Hanly Research Student   mark.j.hanly@bris.ac.uk Mark Hanly
Mr Dewi Owen Research Student     Dewi Owen
Ms Toni Price Research Student   toni.price@bristol.ac.uk Toni Price

Support Staff

NamePosition/Research InterestsTelephoneEmailPhoto
Mrs Mary Takahama Centre Administrator +44 (0)117 3314104 mary.takahama@bristol.ac.uk Mary Takahama

Affiliated Staff

NamePosition/Research InterestsTelephoneEmailPhoto
Mr Bruce Cameron CMM Consultant
n/a brucelrcameron@yahoo.co.uk Bruce Cameron
Prof Paul Clarke Professor of Social Statistics   Paul Clarke
Dr Christopher Deeming Senior Research Fellow +44 (0) 117 9545971 chris.deeming@bristol.ac.uk Chris Deeming
 Dr Rebecca Pillinger AQMeN Research Fellow   rebecca.pillinger@ed.ac.uk Rebecca Pillinger
Prof Fiona Steele , FBA Director of LEMMA   f.a.steele@lse.ac.uk Fiona Steele
Dr Shawanda Stockfelt British Academy Post-doctoral Research Fellow +44 (0) 117 331 4273 shawanda.stockfelt@bristol.ac.uk Shawanda Stockfelt
Prof Sally Thomas Professor of Education +44 (0)117 3314382 s.thomas@bristol.ac.uk Sally Thomas