Dr Lucy Prior

Research Associate in Quantitative Methods in Education


  • Multilevel modelling
  • School performance measures, league tables
  • Health geography
  • Neighbourhood deprivation
  • Stress exposure

Biography and research interests

I am a Research Associate in Quantitative Methods in Education, currently working on an ESRC Standard grant on new school league table research and methods for measuring school performance. I am also interested in health geography, particularly in investigating relationships of neighbourhood deprivation with overall health and wellbeing, and the exploration of health pathways related to stress exposure. My research draws on life-course and biosocial theories and employs quantitative techniques, such as multilevel modelling, to expose health and place relationships. 

Journal articles and book chapters

  1. Prior, L., Jones, K, Manley, D. (2020). Ageing and cohort trajectories in mental ill-health: An exploration using multilevel models, PLOS ONE, 1-14.
  2. Prior, L., Manley, D. and Jones, K. (2018) Stressed out? An investigation of whether allostatic load mediates associations between neighbourhood deprivation and health, Health and Place. 52, p.25-33
  3. Prior, L., Manley, D. and Sabel, C. (2018) Biosocial health geography: New 'exposomic' geographies of health and place, Progress in Human Geography.
  4. Prior, L. & Manley, D. (2017) Poverty and health: thirty years of progress?, Poverty and social exclusion in the UK: Volume 2 - The dimensions of disadvantage . Bramley, G. & Bailey, N. (eds.). Bristol: Policy Press, p.203-224
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Lucy Prior
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