29. Processing and Recording Marks (undergraduate)

The unit mark 

29.1      The mark for each individual unit or element is calculated as the weighted average of the marks for each of its constituent assessments (see 15.9), rounded to the nearest integer. This mark will be returned for the purposes of awarding credit.

The year mark in undergraduate programmes

29.2      For the purposes of determining progression, specifically the application of 30.13 and 30.15.2, award and classification, the overall mark achieved for the year in undergraduate programmes is calculated by averaging the unit marks, weighted by credit point value, and rounding the result to the nearest integer.

29.3       Units that solely contain assessments marked on a pass/fail marking scheme will not contribute towards the calculation of the year mark, but are deemed to be ‘must-pass’ for the purposes of progression / completion. In such cases, the weighting of other units in the relevant year of study will increase accordingly (i.e. the year weighting for classification will be retained).

29.4      The weighting given to the unit mark will correspond to the credit point value of the unit, e.g. the mark for a 20-credit point unit would be a 1/6 of the whole year mark, if the student has to achieve 120 credit points during the year.

29.5        The methodology for disregarding unit marks when calculating the year mark for the purposes of classification or progression is provided in guidance.