27. Industrial placements

The following principles cover the formal component of ‘study in industry’, ‘industrial experience’ or ‘research placement’ where an identified aim of a programme is for a student to study in industrial placement, for part of or an entire academic year for the award of credit. The form of the study will be reflected in the title of the programme (e.g. BSc Biochemistry with Study in Industry) where the study covers an entire academic year.

All other arrangements, whereby students undertake a placement in industry for experiential reasons (i.e. not for credit) or a research project with an external partner, are not covered by these principles.

27.1      Where the learning from any period of formal study in industry is a required part of the programme, how the intended learning outcomes of the programme are met must be identified and stated in the programme specification.

27.2      Any formal period of study in industry must be credit-bearing and contribute to the award of the programme and consequently the degree classification (i.e. and therefore not pass/fail). The student will undertake units designated, run and assessed by the University of Bristol during their time in industry.

27.3      Schools should ensure that students are fully aware of the requirements of their University of Bristol programme of study in undertaking any period of study in industry prior to the student committing themselves to it.

27.4      Schools should establish with the placement provider in advance that the placement content will fulfil the student’s learning needs and that it is appropriate.

27.5      Each School must maintain regular contact with the student and an industrial contact when undertaking a study in industry arrangement, with the academic tutor maintaining support for the student (as referenced in the University policy on personal tutoring).

27.6      The units associated with any study in industry must be set at the level of study appropriate to the programme and in alignment with the University’s credit framework.

27.7      The study in industry should only be undertaken in the third year of a Bachelors or Integrated Masters programme. It is not expected that students will undertake an entire year of study away from the University as part of a three-year Bachelors programme.

27.8      An entire year of study in Industry will be weighted as 10% of the overall programme mark for the purposes of degree classification.

27.9      A student who completes and is awarded the credit for the year in industry but withdraws before completing the programme on which they are registered will receive an exit award.