22. Roles Responsible for Determining Progression and Awards

Faculty Education Directors

22.1  It is the responsibility of the Faculty Education Directors to ensure that university and faculty regulations, policies and procedures with respect to these Regulations and Code are implemented in their faculties. In doing this they will work closely with schools, Faculty Heads of Student Administration and the University Education Directors (Quality).

The Faculty Education Director job description is available. 

Programme Directors

22.2   Programme Directors must be familiar with all regulations that relate to their programme including this Code.

22.3   The Programme Director is responsible for the quality assurance of the programme for which they are responsible, including arrangements for annually reviewing the programme.

Internal examiners 

22.4   Heads of School should nominate an individual to be responsible for liaising with the External Examiner. This would normally be the Programme Director or the Examinations Officer. It must be clear to all concerned who will undertake this role.

22.5   A list of all internal examiners, including anyone not holding academic status at the University, should be approved by the relevant faculty board.

22.6   The unit director, who will also be an internal examiner, is academically responsible for the unit’s summative assessment. This person should ensure that the following tasks are completed satisfactorily: the setting of papers and ensuring they are error-free, responding to external examiner comments, preparing any relevant assessment and marking criteria, leading teams of markers (where appropriate), ensuring a proper process of internal verification and agreeing sets of marks. The nominated internal examiner is responsible to the school board of examiners.

22.7   The nominated internal examiner is responsible for establishing procedures at school level to enter and check the marks for each individual piece of assessed workwhich forms the basis for examiners’ meetings.

School examinations officer(s)

22.8      School examinations officer(s) will be appointed by the Head of School. Their role is to organise and co-ordinate the school’s assessment processes, from the preparation of examination papers provided by internal examiners to the accurate recording of assessment marks and their presentation to the School and Faculty Boards of Examiners.

22.9     School examinations officer(s) are the principal line of communication of the School with the Faculty and to the University Examinations Office (Education and Student Experience division).

External examiners

22.10   The University’s Policy for the External Examining of Taught Programmes provides full details of the role of external examiners and the University’s external examining processes.

22.11      External examiners shall normally be members of the academic staff of other universities; they shall not be members of the Board of Trustees or of the University’s staff and shall not have been employed by the University within the previous five years.