36. Extension of Study (taught postgraduate)

36.1   Extensions are used where exceptional circumstances necessitate extension of the normal period of study in order to complete the dissertation or equivalent. An agreed extension may involve the payment of additional fees.

36.2   An extension of study will only be granted where there are good grounds, supporting documentation (e.g. a medical note from a GP) and the request is made in accordance with the periods of time outlined in 36.4 and 36.5.  There will need to be clear evidence of satisfactory progress for an extension request to be granted.

36.3   Good grounds for an extension of study may include: serious and persistent health problems, significant bereavement or additional sole caring responsibilities, serious financial problems, mandatory military service or where a part-time student’s employment pattern has changed.

36.4  One or more extensions of study totalling not more than 12 months may be requested by a student and authorised by the graduate Education Director. The request should be made at least two weeks prior to the end of the period of study.

36.5   An extension of study for any period that takes the accumulative total over 12 months will also require the approval of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students). The request should be made at least four weeks prior to the end date of the original period of extension.

36.6   Requests should be made on the relevant form and be accompanied by any supporting documentation, such as medical evidence or correspondence.  Requests should be sent initially to the Programme Director.

36.7   The Programme Director should forward written support for the extension to the relevant Faculty Education Director and certify that the student has made satisfactory progress so far. There may be additional rules on extensions from a funding body.  It is the responsibility of the student to confirm that arrangements and approval for the extension have been secured with any funding body that is involved.

36.8   Any change to student status, such as an extension of study, will affect immigration status in the UK. The University is required to report any changes in status to the Home Office. The Student Visa Team provides guidance and advice to visa-holding students who are seeking an extension of study.