3. Academic Integrity

3.1 Students and staff are expected to commit to the values of academic integrity and to uphold high standards. The core values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage form the foundations of the University’s approach.

3.2 Students are responsible, with appropriate guidance, for adopting academic integrity in all areas of their studies, including in relation to assessment. The academic integrity approach contributes to students’ personal and intellectual development within a community and culture of learning.

3.3 The University combines developing and nurturing academic integrity with a recognition that transgressions undermine its core values. Academic misconduct is taken seriously, and suspected transgressions are investigated, with a set of penalties available when academic misconduct has been proven (see the University Assessment Regulations).

3.4 The academic integrity policy, which applies to all levels of study, sets out the University’s approach and defines a common understanding of academic integrity, including on its values and on responsibilities.

3.5 Please see the University’s policy on academic integrity for more information.