Accessibility and support

There are a range of services and facilities already available to you to make the library more accessible.

If you are a part-time student, studying outside of Bristol, or have a disability or dyslexia, the Library Support team can provide a more bespoke service.

Library Support

Height-adjustable desks

Where to find height-adjustable desks
LocationNumber of desksNotes
Arts and Social Sciences Library 12 On ground floor. All electrically operated*
Biological Sciences Library 1 Has a PC on the table. Electrically operated*
Chemistry Library 1 Manually operated. Ask at information desk for the hand crank
Education Library 1 Electrically operated*
Beacon House 6 Spread across two floors. All electrically operated*
Senate House Study Centre 9 All have PCs on them. All electrically operated*

* Electrically operated desks can be raised to a standing position as long as there is no PC on them.

Building access and safety 

The University has teamed up with DisabledGo to provide you with detailed information about the accessibility of our facilities, including the libraries and study centres.

Please contact the Library Support team if you need to arrange a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) or a library orientation tour.

Ergonomic equipment loan

The Library Support team have a range of ergonomic equipment you can borrow to adapt your study space, including:

  • foot rests
  • wrist rests
  • back support
  • ergonomic mice.

You can borrow the equipment for use within our libraries and study centres.

If your needs are not fully met by the options above, find out about the Library Support team's registered services or contact the team for a chat.

Library Support

Accessible and inclusive reading list

A range of resources that offer students and staff self-help and support.

Student Counselling library

A range of self-help material on various aspects of mental health and wellbeing, in a quiet, comfortable space, on the third floor of Hampton House.

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