Library Support

What we do

We are a dedicated team within the library who can offer a range of services and work with you to ensure that our libraries are accessible.

Who we can help

We provide support to students with a wide range of disabilities, including but not limited to:

  • learning difficulties (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia) 
  • health and mental health conditions
  • autism spectrum conditions (such as Asperger syndrome)
  • sensory impairments
  • mobility difficulties

For the following students, where access to the library is difficult, or time on campus is limited, we can provide additional library services to support access to our print resources and we can signpost you to other areas of support:

  • part time students
  • carers and parents
  • short-term health or mobility difficulties
  • students on a work placement 
  • research postgraduates who are based outside of Bristol
  • distance learners*

*If you are a student who lives outside of a BS postcode area, and you are studying a course that is not delivered remotely (i.e. an online course).

Please apply to register (top right, green box) as this will guide you through the services that are available and who we can support.

Things we can't help with

Unfortunately, we cannot support the following students under the following circumstances alone 

  • students who are studying online only. We are advising students to contact their School for advice.
  • students who are temporarily away from Bristol during term time.

Services to support access to resources

Library Support contacts

Our dedicated Library Support team can discuss individual requirements and answer any questions you have about accessing the library and using our services.

We are always open to suggestions. Don't worry if you aren't sure if we can help, we will pass you on to the relevant team.

Assistive software

Assistive software is installed on computers across our libraries and study centres.

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