We know that studying can be stressful, especially around exam time, so we aim to provide you with opportunities to make relaxation a part of your time spent in the library. Working constantly without breaks isn't great for your productivity: when you're tired and stressed, you can't take information in or do your best work. So relax and be productive!

New relaxation space in the Arts and Social Sciences Library

We’ve created a new dedicated calm space on the first floor where you can take a break away from your study in order to recharge and refresh. Within the pleasant woodland and meadow-decorated space you’ll find rocking chairs, blankets, comfortable floor pillows, a family of stress-busting cuddly animals and an assortment of materials designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing. You’ll find it located in the cube on the first floor of the library that was previously home to several photocopiers, straight ahead as you enter the floor from the central stairwell.

Wellbeing events in the Arts and Social Sciences Library

'Mindapples tree'

Dates: 13 to 26 August
Location: Relaxation Space, first floor, Arts and Social Sciences Library

What’s the 5-a-day for your mind? Take up the challenge now and tell us what you do to look after your mind. Simply write your ideas on an apple card and tie it to the mindapples tree for others to read. 

Mindapples is a registered charity dedicated to helping people take care of their minds in much the same way we take care of our bodies. You can learn more about mindapples at: www.mindapples.org


Wellbeing events in the Wills Memorial Library

'The Library of Possibilities'

Dates: ongoing
Location: Wills Memorial Library East Wing, to the left of the current journals display. Sample books are also available to browse on the tables in the ante-library (opposite the Information Desk).

Explore our new book collection, the Library of Possibilities. Take a break from your studies and browse our selection of inspiring and beautiful books.

Wellbeing events in the Medical Library

Jigsaws / chess games / displays

Date: ongoing
Location: Ground floor, Medical Library

Take a study break and while away a few minutes with our communal jigsaw puzzle, or take a turn in our chess game. The library also features a changing display of interesting books and items from Special Collections for you to browse (our current display features artwork created by Medical students).


Your health and wellbeing

Find out about the services and support available at the university to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

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