How much money you need

You will need to show that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees and your living costs. If you do not show appropriate documents your visa application will be refused.

You will need to provide specific financial evidence that you have enough funding.

On the day that you apply for your visa, i.e. the day that you submit and pay for your online Tier 4 visa application, you must show that you have held the following funds in a suitable bank account every day for a consecutive 28 day period.

Work out how much money you need

The amount required is calculated as follows:

Tuition fees + Living costs - Deductions (money already paid to the University) = Total required.

Tuition fees

Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) shows the amount you owe in tuition fees (stated as 'course fees' on the CAS).

Living costs

The monthly amount required is £1,015.

You must show a maximum of 9 months worth of funding.

So, if your course lasts for 9 months or more you must show you have £9,135.

CourseAmount required
10 week pre-sessional starting in June £1,015 x 3 months = £3,045
6 week pre-sessional starting in July £1,015 x 2 months = £2,030
Pre-sessional course and degree level or above course - only if you have a combined CAS for both your pre-sessional and your main course at the University £1,015 x 9 months = £9,135
Any course of 9 months or more £1,015 x 9 months = £9,135
Any course of 9 months or less £1,015 x number or months you will study, rounded up to the nearest full month. For example, if you will study for 5 and a half months, you will need to show £1,015 x 6 months = £6,090


Deduct any money already paid to the University.

Tuition fees (or fee deposit) paid to the University

  • You must provide an original paper receipt (online receipts are not acceptable).
  • If a receipt is unavailable, we can update your CAS instead. Email with the details.

Accommodation fees

  • You must provide an original paper receipt (online receipts are not acceptable). 
  • The largest accommodation amount paid to the University that can be deducted is £1,265, even if you pay more.
  • You cannot deduct payments made to A2Dominion or Unite House.

Documents to show this money

You must provide evidence you have had this total for a 28 day period in an acceptable bank account. Find out more about financial evidence requirements.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

Read UKCISA's information about money and finances.

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