Details of past research meetings and presentations.

Past research meetings

26th September 2023


 Chair - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol

 13.00-13.10: Dr Lucy Selman (Associate Professor in Palliative and End of Life Care, University of Bristol) and Dr Emily Henderson (Associate Professor in Ageing and Movement Disorders, University of Bristol): ‌Welcome and news (PDF, 1,460kB)

13.10-13.35 (keynote): Dr Anna Bone (Lecturer in Epidemiology and Palliative Care, King's College London): Models of palliative care for older people in community settings (PDF, 1,910kB)

13.35-13.55: Dr Katie Lloyd (Clinical Research Fellow, University of Bristol) and Dr Emily Henderson (Associate Professor in Ageing and Movement Disorders, University of Bristol): Delivering and evaluating palliative care within the context of a complex RCT (PDF, 2,987kB)

13.55-14.15: Dr Grace Pearson (Clinical Research Fellow, University of Bristol): Teaching about dying in advanced age (PDF, 2,423kB) 

14.15-14.35: Dr Carla Worth and Emma Page (North Bristol NHS Trust): North Bristol Trust Ageing Well Project (PDF, 803kB)

14.35-14.55: Dr Sarah Ibitoye (Acute Internal Medicine and Perioperative Medicine, North Bristol NHS Trust): Using frailty to enhance advance resuscitation decisions (PDF, 846kB)

14.55-15.00: Close


22nd June 2023

Chair - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol

14.00 - Dr Lucy Selman and Dr Lucy Pocock (University of Bristol): Welcome and news

14.10 - (Keynote): Dr Charlotte Chamberlain, Consultant in Palliative Care (University Hospitals Bristol and Weston) & Senior Clinical Research Fellow (University of Bristol): Routine data challenges in measuring quality bereavement support and palliative and end-of-life care: the Weston-super-Mare Consortium

14.35 Dr Ryann Sowden, Research Support Assistant (University of Bristol): An in-depth exploration of treatment decision-making in advanced kidney disease: Initial findings from the OSCAR study (Optimising Staff-Patient Communication in Advanced Renal Disease)

14.55Dr Lucy Pocock, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow (University of Bristol): What helps or hinders the communication of poor prognosis between secondary and primary care? A systematic review with narrative synthesis

15.15 - Emma Gilbert, NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellow (University of Bristol): Developing a typology of models of palliative care delivery in prisons in high-income countries: a scoping review with narrative synthesis & future research plans


15.45-15.55: Open group discussion: Project updates, news, upcoming work, conferences

15.55-16.00: Close

22nd February 2023 

Chair - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol

10:00 - Welcome and news - Dr Lucy Selman and Dr Lucy Pocock (University of Bristol)

10:35 (Keynote) - Theory and practice’: Why does it matter? - Dr Sarah Yardley, Consultant in Palliative Medicine (Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust), and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer (Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, University College London) 

10:35 - Conversation Analysis: Introduction to a method for examining how clinicians make decisions with patients and their families towards the end-of-life - Dr Chloe Shaw, Senior Research Associate (University of Bristol) 

10:55 - Evaluating the Implementation of the RCGP & Marie Curie Daffodil Standards in UK General Practice: Progress and Challenges - Dr Stephanie Sivell, Marie Curie Research Associate (Cardiff University) 

11:15 - Good Grief Connects: Project 1, Advance Care Planning in South Asian Communities - Dr Olly Clabburn, Senior Research Associate (University of Bristol) 

11:35 - What makes dialysis ‘worth it’ for older people with kidney disease? - Dr Barny Hole, Clinical Lecturer and Senior Registrar in Kidney Medicine (University of Bristol)

11:55 - Discussion and close


28th September 2022 

Chair - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol

14:00 - Welcome and introductions - Dr Lucy Selman, University of Bristol

14:10 (Keynote) - Simultaneously reassuring and unsettling. Patient, informal caregiver and clinician perspectives of community anticipatory medication prescriptions: a qualitative study - Dr Ben Bowers, University of Cambridge

14:30 - Hospital admissions for the frail and elderly- exploring decision making in primary care - Dr Rachel Davies, University of Bristol

14:50 - Exploring the experiences of forced migrant families, and those who care for them, in children's palliative care - Marie Clancy, University of Exeter

15:10 - The intentional pursuit of everyday life while dying: A longitudinal exploration of working aged adults living with advanced cancer - Dr Julie Brose, NIHR ARC West

15:30 - How can hospices facilitate social support for people with life-limiting illness? - Dr Natasha Bradley, University of the West of England

15:30 - Discussion and close - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol


24th May 2022 

Chair - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol

14:00 - Welcome and introductions - Dr Lucy Selman, University of Bristol

14:10 (Keynote) - Bereavement, COVID-19, and mental health: Leveraging a population health perspective to understand clinical and adaptive processes - Dr Christy Denckla PEOLC presentation Denckla (PDF, 2,945kB)

14:40 - Measuring bereavement support needs in people bereaved during Covid-19; the adaptation and development of a Bereavement Support Needs Scale - Dr Emily Harrop, Cardiff University PEOLC presentation Harrop (PDF, 637kB)

14:55 - Provision of culturally appropriate end of life care at NBT - Dr Nipuna Gunawardena, North Bristol NHS Trust PEOLC presentation Gunawardena (PDF, 849kB)

15:10 - Medical Examiner system - Charlotte Clews, Lead Medical Examiner Officer for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire PEOLC presentation Clews (PDF, 350kB)

15:25 - A national survey on approaches to electronic coordination of patient preferences for palliative and end of life care: how widely are systems being implemented and what are they trying to achieve - Jakki Birtwistle & Dr Matthew Allsop, University of Leeds PEOLC presentation Allsop and Birtwistle (PDF, 1,495kB)

15:40 - Discussion and close - Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol


2nd February 2022

Chair - Dr Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol 

14:00 - Welcome and introductions - Dr Lucy Selman, University of Bristol

14:10 - The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on bereavement support services: findings from a national online survey and qualitative case studies - Dr Eileen Sutton, University of Bristol Eileen Sutton PEOLC presentation 02/02/2022 (PDF, 261kB)
14:30 - It just made it a million times worse. Cancer carers’ needs and experiences of support during the COVID-19 pandemic Sarah Churchward, Penny Brohn UK and University of Bristol Sarah Churchward PEOLC presentation 02/02/2022 (PDF, 1,480kB)
14:50 - End of Life Care in Care Homes - Dr Diana Teggi, University of Bath
15:10 - ‘They’re Going to Die at Some Point, but We’re all Going to Die’ – A Qualitative Exploration of Bereavement in Later LifeDr Chao Fang, University of Bath Chao Fang PEOLC presentation 02/02/2022 (PDF, 1,131kB)
15:30 - Understanding post-death decisions in the context of dying - Dr Kate Woodthorpe, University of Bath 

15:50 - Discussion and close - Lucy Pocock, University of Bristol

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