Photo of Charlotte Chamberlain

 Dr Charlotte Chamberlain 

(Group co-lead) 

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Palliative Medicine

    ‌Photo of Lucy Pocock

Dr Lucy Pocock

(Group co-lead) 

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Photo of Lucy Selman 

Dr Lucy Selman 

(Group co-lead)  

Senior Research Fellow

       ‌Photo of Adam McDermott

 Dr Adam McDermott

NIHR GP Academic Clinical Fellow

       ‌Photo of Karen Forbes

 Prof Karen Forbes 

Professorial Teaching Fellow in Palliative Medicine

      Photo of Barny Hole     ‌

 Dr Barnaby Hole  

NIHR Doctoral Clinical Research Fellow

     Photo of Richard Huxtable

 Prof Richard Huxtable

Professor of Medical Ethics and Law

      ‌Photo of Tanuka Dalit

 Dr Tanuka Palit 

GP Academic Clinical Fellow

   Photo of Guy Schofield

 Dr Guy Schofield

 Wellcome Trust Society & Ethics Fellow. PhD student

  Ryann photo

 Dr Ryann Sowden 

 Research Support Assistant

  Photo of Tracey Stone

Dr Tracey Stone

Senior Research Associate

       Photo of Eileen Sutton

 Dr Eileen Sutton 

Senior Research Associate



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