Short course fees & voucher packs

All our courses are individually priced. Take a look at each course webpage for confirmed fees. We are pleased to offer a range of 'voucher packs' to eligible individuals, permitting free or discounted courses.

Select a category below for voucher pack eligibility:

Voucher packs are applied per person, per academic year.

How do voucher packs work?

If you are eligible, a voucher pack is applied to your short course booking account during the annual registration process. In most cases this happens automatically, though for some fee categories we may need to confirm details with you or a third party, such as a supervisor. Where possible we recommend that anyone wishing to use a voucher pack completes their annual registration before bookings open. This ensures that if a manual eligibility check is required, it does not delay booking.
This year registrations will be available from midday on 19th September 2023 and remain open for the rest of the academic year. You may start booking courses from midday on 17th October 2023.
Once vouchers are correctly allocated and you select a course to book, the booking system will prompt you to apply your voucher to waive or reduce course fees during checkout.
We have a generous but limited number of free places on each short course, which are offered on a first come first served basis. Entitlement to a voucher for a free place does not guarantee a free place will be available.
For more information, see our booking information page and FAQs about voucher packs and registrationContact us if you have any questions.

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August 2023.

Image of white lines running across a red background Payment information

Payment is required to secure a confirmed course place. Kindly note payment is due in advance, and it is not possible to part pay to attend select days.

Once payment due dates have passed, unpaid provisional bookings are cancelled. 

Due dates are calculated according to the timescales outlined in our terms & conditions. In each individual order, the course earliest in the academic year is used to calculate the payment deadline.
To find out about payment options see: How to pay your short course fees.
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