Short course fees & voucher packs

All short courses are individually priced. We are pleased to be able to offer a number of voucher packs to eligible individuals.

Our courses are in high demand. To maximise the number of people who can secure places on courses that are crucial to their studies / career development, all free / discounted fee categories are limited to three per eligible individual.

Please be aware that we have a limited number of free places on each short course, offered on a strictly first come first served basis. Entitlement to a voucher for a free place does not guarantee that a free place will be available. Free places are in high demand, if you no longer require your free place we ask that you cancel as soon as possible so others may benefit. 

To access free or discounted course places eligible individuals must first register with our online booking system. We may need to verify eligibility before a voucher pack is assigned and bookings can be made. 

Refer to our full booking terms and conditions for further information about free and discounted course places.

Eligibility for voucher packs

Select a category for details of available voucher packs:

Note: All voucher packs are applied per person, per academic year. 

Short course fees

Please refer to individual course webpages for confirmation of course cost. Kindly note that payment is due in advance and it is not possible to part pay to attend select days.

Payment is required to secure a confirmed course place

Please be aware that once 
payment due dates have passed, unpaid provisional bookings are automatically cancelled. 

Payment due dates are calculated according to the timescales outlined in our booking terms and conditions.

In each individual order, the course earliest in the academic year is used to calculate the payment deadline.

Fee policy updated October 2022.

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